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Marcel Feldkamp
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Marcel 'Dexter' Feldkamp
FC Schalke 04: Jungler


Marcel “Dexter” Feldkam is one of a small group of players who have plied their trade in both the NA and EU LCS. Currently a substitute jungler for Elements, Dexter previously played for Counter Logic Gaming in the NA LCS as well as Lemondogs, DragonBorns, and several other EU teams.

Dexter's primary strength is his skill with bruisers. His Lee Sin and Jarvan IV are both highly feared, and he developed a devastating Rek'Sai as well during the 2015 EU LCS. The key issue is his mental fortitude. Dexter has admitted that his in-game performance is highly reliant on his confidence level. Dexter needs to maintain his composure even in the face of criticism in order to play the highest level.

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