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EU Rules

EU Rules

Section: EU Rules


EU Rules - Introduction and Purpose

The official rules of the League of Legends European Championship apply to each of the Teams participating in the LEC and their Secondary Teams. These rules also apply to the Teams’ Managers, Members and other employees, applicable only to official League play and not to other competitions, tournaments or organised play of League of Legends.

The European Regional Leagues (ERLs) are governed by the ERL Policies set forth in the standardised ERL Rules, in combination with the individual rulesets created by each of the thirteen ERL operators respectively. 

These official rules are designed solely to ensure the integrity of the system established by the Leagues for professional, semi-professional and amateur play of League of Legends, and to provide a competitive balance amongst teams that play at those levels. Standardised rules benefit all parties who are involved in organised play of League of Legends, including the Teams, Team Managers and Team Members.


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