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Dream Teams Assemble: 2017 All-Star Event Update

Ever wanted to see top players from leagues around the world battle it out in the ultimate dream team tournament? This December, the All-Star Event is back - and more competitive than ever.

Mark your calendars now! The 2017 All-Star Event will be held in the NA LCS Studio in Los Angeles on December 7-10.

For this year’s clash of the titans we’re saying goodbye to the unfettered mayhem and elemental battles - instead we’ll be hosting a dream team tournament with fan-voted rosters of pros from the top eight regional leagues based on their performance at the 2017 World Championship (2017 Mid-Season Invitational and previous performance at international events will be used for tiebreakers.) That means the eight regional teams will be:

  • China (LPL)

  • Europe (EU LCS)

  • Korea (LCK)

  • LMS (LMS)

  • North America (NA LCS)

  • Southeast Asia (GPL)

  • Turkey (TCL)

  • Brazil (CBLOL)

In addition to the main event, each dream team will also send two representatives from their team into the ultimate challenge of head-to-head skill: the 1v1 tournament.

Read on to learn more about the upcoming All-Star Event this winter.

Event Details

Dates: December 7 - 10

Venue: NA LCS Studio, West Los Angeles, CA


Main Event

  • 8 regional teams of pros as voted by fans (selection criteria: highest performing regions from Worlds 2017, with MSI 2017 and previous performance at international events used as tiebreakers)
  • Teams sorted into two groups for Bo1 single round robin
  • Top 2 teams from each group advance to Bo3 Semifinals with matchups determined by Group Stage results
  • Semifinals winners advance to Bo5 Finals

1v1 Tournament

  • 16 players (2 from each of 8 competing regions, as chosen by the coaches)
  • Single elimination bracket
  • Bo1 Round of 16 and Quarterfinals
  • Bo3 Semifinals and Finals


  • Fans from the eight competing regions will vote for 1 player per position
    • All pros from competing regions who participated in at least 20% of the most recent regional split (Summer Split or Split 2) games are eligible
    • Fans can only vote for pros in their region
    • Up to 2 players per team
  • All pros within the region will vote on a coach for their region’s team
    • All coaches from competing regions who participated in the most recent regional split (Summer Split or Split 2) are eligible
    • Players can not vote for their own coaches
  • Coaches will select 2 players from their All-Star team to compete in the 1v1 tournament
  • Voting will open in November. Stay tuned for more info

Tickets: More information about tickets will be available in November, after the conclusion of Worlds 2017.



Why change the format? Where are the fun modes?

In previous years, the focus of All-Star was primarily on entertainment over competition. This year, our 2017 All-Stars will be playing to win. We feel that pulling them out of their competitive mindset to play one-off, fun game modes will inherently divert their focus and take away from the competitiveness of the main event.

Why can I only vote for my region?

With the focus of the event now being on the competition of regional All-Star teams, rather than a mash-up team like Fire or Ice, we want fans in each region to be the ones to choose which players will represent them at All-Star.

Why return to NA LCS studio? Why aren’t you taking All-Star on the road?

Our goal for ASE 2017 is to provide a fun and exciting series of matchups between pros from around the world. After over a month of Worlds in China - culminating in (hopefully) an awesome Finals at the Bird’s Nest, our focus for the All-Star Event is to create a great experience for fans watching from home as well as pros attending at the end of a busy year. As seen with Rift Rivals this year, our own esports studios offer a flexible space where we can welcome a live audience and still broadcast a great international show. It’s entirely possible that we’ll take the All-Star Event on the road again in coming years - but for this year, the NA LCS studio in Los Angeles felt like the best choice for fans, pros, and our event crew as we introduce this new version of All-Star.