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2017 All-Star Vote: Choose your dream team

The battle for the Summoner’s Cup has concluded in China, and now the 2017 All-Star Event is on the horizon. Cast your vote for your favourite players now!

As previously announced, the following regions will participate at the 2017 All-Star Event in Los Angeles based on their performance at recent international events:

  • China (LPL)

  • Europe (EU LCS)

  • Korea (LCK)

  • LMS (LMS)

  • North America (NA LCS)

  • Southeast Asia (GPL)

  • Turkey (TCL)

  • Brazil (CBLOL)

Players in participating regions can only vote for their region. As an update based on your feedback, players in regions that are not participating in ASE 2017 will be able to vote by selecting one of the regions to cast their ballot for. Votes within a region will be weighted at 80%, while votes outside the region will be weighted at 20%.

To lower the risk of player visa issues, Turkey (TCL) will complete their voting before other regions. GPL regions will also conduct their vote before other regions, to determine the teams being sent to the Garena All-Star Event.

Reminder that for pros to be eligible for All-Star, they must have played at least 20% of the most recent regional split (Summer Split or Split 2).

Remember you can only vote once, so make your picks wisely before casting your ballot!


Don't miss out: Voting is only open from November 7th at 18:00 CET to November 11th at 08:59 CET.

Want to share your dream team ballot? Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter with #AllStar2017.