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2017 EU CS Spring Qualifiers Format

The 2017 Spring Challenger Series Qualifier is just around the corner! Here’s everything you need to know about the format and how to sign up to be part of the Open Qualifier, which will promote teams into the CSQ. Sign ups are open from November 16-28.

UPDATE: The Battlegrounds tool checks your rank in the current Solo/Duo Queue, and now additionally in the new 5vs5 Flex Queue, as well as the discontinued 5vs5 Team Ranked Queue.

Enrollment will be allowed for all players who have reached Diamond 3 or higher in any of the aforementioned new Queues or have already finished this season in Diamond 3 or higher.

Please keep in mind that you will need to use the Legacy League of Legends client to play games using Tournament Codes. If you have updated to LCU, you can still launch the legacy client from the new launcher.


Challenger Series Qualifier

The 2017 Spring CSQ follows the same format as the 2016 Summer CSQ: 12 teams in total split into two groups of 6 teams. Both groups will play three games per day in a single BO1 round robin tournament. The top seeded team from Group A will play #2 from Group B in a BO5, and the top seeded team from Group B will play #2 from Group A in a BO5, where the winners go through to the Challenger Series.

Group Stage

  • 6 European Regional League Champions
  • 2 CS Teams (lowest placed Challenger Series teams from 2016 Summer Split)
  • 4 Open Qualifier Winners (3 from EUW / 1 from EUNE)


  • #1 from Group A   vs.  #2 from Group B   (Bo5)
  • #1 from Group B   vs.  #2 from Group A   (Bo5)


CSQ format graphic

Open Qualifier Tournament

Sign-ups for the Open Qualifier begin on November 16 and close November 28. You can sign up for EUW and EUNE via Battlegrounds when sign-ups go live. The minimum ranked tier is Diamond III and there is a minimum majority age requirement of 17, 3/5 players must be 17 and 2 can be aged between 16-17.

The games will take place between December 12th and December 22nd. The exact match schedule will be available after sign-ups close and teams are seeded into a single elimination bracket - one each for EUW and EUNE.

How to watch the CSQ

We plan to run CSQ early next year and games will be streamed live through our broadcast partners. We’ll have more details soon.

Stay tuned for more information on timings and which teams will be fighting for a place in the 2017 Spring Challenger Series