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Challenge Accepted - 2017 EUCS Summer Playoffs

Five weeks of heartstopping action have brought the 2017 European Challenger Series Summer Split to an end, and the four strongest squads remain to fight it out in the Playoffs. Only two will advance to the LCS Promotion Tournament, and with two former LCS teams facing two teams of rampaging rookies, it’s sure to be the bloodiest EUCS Playoffs yet.


Both matches in the Challenger Series Summer Playoffs will be best-of-5 series. 

JULY 30: Giants Gaming vs Wind and Rain
AUGUST 6: Schalke 04 vs Team RB

Games will begin at 17:00 CEST.


Only two teams will emerge victorious from the EU CS Playoffs, and they'll move forward to the EU LCS Promotion Tournament, starting on August 17. In the Promotion Tournament they will face the last place team from each LCS group, fighting for a spot in the 2018 Spring Split in a double elimination bracket.  The higher-seeded LCS team competing in the Promotion Tournament will get to choose their Challenger opponent from the two teams that win the CS Playoffs.


"Coming into playoffs there are two stand-out teams: Giants, who were undefeated for the majority of the split, and Schalke, the team that finally managed to take them down. These LCS veterans are longing to return home, and if they perform as expected I don’t see anybody able to stop them."

- Aaron "Medic" Chamberlain

Giants Gaming (GIA)

As one of the oldest esports organizations in Europe, Giants Gaming entered the European Challenger Series and made it their own. After being relegated from the LCS after the 2017 Spring Split, the fate of Giants seemed uncertain. But by bringing in a new roster, Giants were able to cement themselves at the top of the standings, going undefeated in the first four weeks due to their steady, farm heavy play style. Now, as they enter the Playoffs with high expectations, Giants look set to reclaim a spot in the EU LCS.


FC Schalke 04 (S04)

Though Giants may have spent much of the EUCS Summer Split undefeated, FC Schalke 04 proved themselves to be Giant slayers. During the last week of the split Schalke ended their winning streak, and set themselves apart as the only team to come up with an answer to their relentless playstyle. Having entered the Challenger Series in the 2017 Spring Split, Schalke were the favorites to win the Spring Playoffs and enter the Promotion Tournament after an undefeated split. But Misfits Academy - the team that would go on to form Mysterious Monkeys - had other plans, and after a shocking loss FC Schalke 04 found themselves back in the EUCS for Summer. Though this time around they haven't been as dominant as before, they are arguably stronger, spreading their strength out over multiple players and not just one lane. Will the second time be the charm for this football club powerhouse?


Team RB (RB)

Although Team RB might be new, their star player KaSing is anything but. Coming from a long, successful career in the EU LCS - including a Worlds appearance in 2015 - KaSing led his new team of SoloQ superstars through the Challenger Series with mixed results. Though the squad is mechanically fearsome, macro play proved to be a consistent weakness. With a chance to return to the EU LCS on the line, will KaSing be able to guide these rookies through their toughest challenge yet?



Wind and Rain (WAR)

Of the four teams entering the Challenger Series Playoffs, Wind and Rain are without a doubt the underdogs. After making it to the top of the Nordic Regional League, they went on to qualify for the EUCS through the CSQ. Despite losing their entire qualifying roster to Origen, they were able to pick up a team of veterans from various regional leagues, but Wind and Rain never quite found their footing. With only one chance left to move on to the Promotion Tournament, Wind and Rain will need to pull together if they're going to stand a chance against the Giants.


You can catch all the action on watch.lolesports.com in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

The European Challenger Series Summer Playoffs kicks off when Giants Gaming face Wind and Rain on Sunday, July 30 at 17:00 CEST on watch.lolesports.com.