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2017 EULCS Spring Split Awards

The 2017 EULCS Spring Split awards are heading this way in April! First off will be the European All-LCS Team on April 7.

It’s the last week of the EULCS Spring Split, and what a Split it’s been! We’ve seen 10 weeks of competition from stomps to total upsets, and it’s time to award the EULCS pros and coaches who nailed it this split with teamwork, strategy and performance.

Here’s a quick recap of the EULCS Spring awards and when you’ll find out who won:

  • EU All-LCS Team: April 7

  • Coach: April 14

  • Rookie: April 14

  • MVP: April 22-23 during EULCS Spring Finals weekend

When does voting take place?

Voting takes place after the end of the regular season on March 29 - April 3 during week 10, the final week of Spring Split.

Who votes?

Same as last split, awards will be voted on by the EU LCS English broadcast team, regional language broadcast teams, 3rd party media, and pro teams. The full voting panel will be shared after the first award is presented on April 7.

What defines MVP? Who counts as a Rookie?

For more information about the definition of awards and player eligibility, head over to our awards guide from the past split.

Anything changing in the awards process?

Everything is staying the same, except from one new rule which will be that EU LCS pros and coaches cannot vote for their own players or staff.

When will ballots and the full awards panel become available?

After each award is presented, panelist ballots will be released within 24 hours on Lolesports.

All panelists who agreed to participate but fail to submit votes (i.e. leave something blank) will be listed as “declined to vote.” Pros and coaches who vote incorrectly (i.e. vote for their own players) will be listed as “invalid” and those votes will not count toward the total for that category.

What about NA LCS Awards?

NA LCS awards have been announced here and they’ll be following the same timeline for award announcement.

Who would you vote for?

If you were given a ballot for EU LCS awards, who would you vote for All-LCS Team, Coach, Rookie, and MVP? Leave a comment below or join the discussion on Twitter.

Don’t forget to check back on Saturday, April 8 to see if your choices match the winners of the All-LCS Team.