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Your 2017 Spring Split champions are...

Their journey through the Spring Split brought them to the finals in Hamburg, G2 walked away victorious.


G2 Esports have conquered the usurpers and solidified their reign as the Kings of Europe for the third split in a row. In a convincing 3-1 victory against the Unicorns of Love, G2 Esports have emerged as the champions of the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split. But the journey to a global G2 Era is only just beginning, the next step on their path to domination is the Mid Season Invitational. Will the #G2Army prevail against the world’s best?

As the confetti settled, we sat down with G2 Esport's shotcaller and support, Alfonso "mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez, to get his thoughts.

What are your thoughts on winning the Finals?

It feels really good, but at the same time it feels a little bit like EU’s level in general is not that high, and you can argue that if you always try to play like the LCK you’ll never be as good as them. But at the same time, EU is taking another route, and on G2 we're taking the LCK route and we’re not even playing as good as they are, but we still win. So it feels like EU needs to step up and follow the road, and try not to drift off. Then we can all improve as a region. But I feel like right now we’re not improving as fast as other regions are.

What steps would EU need to take to improve as a region?

I think just being smarter about the game and learning from other teams. Put more effort into scrims and VOD reviews, that’s what’s most important. Also focusing on getting stable rosters is important, where people don’t get stressed out and where coaches don’t get kicked and stuff, that would help.

All four drafts today looked pretty comfortable for you, were you expecting more from the Unicorns of Love?

I think we were expecting more from the Unicorns, we were expecting some cheesy stuff and so on, I think the Unicorns that showed up today didn’t really feel that overwhelming or that good. The game we lost we were losing because we were playing a not-optimal draft, and we weren’t playing to how we wanted to play. Even then, it was hard for them to win against us. They were struggling the entire time, and it felt like we were the better team from the get-go.


G2's Lothar suited up and met the Unicorns of Love's manager and mascot on stage in a fierce face-off, on stage in front of thousands in Hamburg

What was your reasoning for the Swain into LeBlanc in the midlane in Game 2?

Our reasoning for that is actually pretty funny, because it was our game against Roccat where we lost to Betsy’s Swain. Perkz said “Hey, what if when the enemy picks LeBlanc we just go full shield comp or full tank, and then she can’t do damage”. So they banned Karma and we picked Lulu, and were kinda flexing the Lulu. But then we decided just to stick her as support and pick a tank mid, because we already had enough shields with the Ivern. I don’t think it was necessarily a good pick, but I don’t really know what happened in the mid/jungle department, but it felt like we were really pressured, and also top TPed bot and didn’t even lose anything, so we were actually really pressured early game. But we managed to pull through and make it to the mid game, and even though we weren’t really in a position to win the game, the Unicorns took an unfavourable fight and we were able to get Baron. Our comp just got better when it shouldn’t have. We still needed 5-10 minutes to get to the point where they weren’t able to win against us, just because of how mid/late game focus we were. Trick got caught and didn’t die, and then we were able to kill them all, and yeah that game felt like a lucky game.

Next up is MSI, what are your expectations for that event?

Well, I legitimately think EU right now is very weak. I don’t really want to compare to NA because I don’t watch much of it, and NA doesn’t seem that strong either. But judging from the Flash Wolves play at the IEM World Championships if they have kept on the uphill slope and kept improving, and looking at LCK plays around macro decision making and team fights, and on top of that they have overwhelming mechanics compared to other teams. So, I think we’re quite behind compared to other teams internationally, because we aren’t keeping track of China either. So we now want to go to Brazil as soon as possible, boot camp there, get as much as we can from scrims, learn as much as we can from other teams and try to be the best version of G2 we can possibly be.


What is your goal overall for this year?

My goal for this year was actually to go to MSI, because I have already won the Summer Split and Spring I hadn’t won before, so after today I have both splits won so I feel like I am complete in terms of what I have achieved in Europe. I need to find a new goal now. I feel like the goal we set for ourselves as a team at the start of the year was to give it our best shot, and we’re gonna stick together until the end of the year for sure. Until then, we want to be the best team we could possibly build up, we are all a bit talented and we all have the potential to be very good. So let’s work together towards a common goal, like being the best we can be and try to achieve as much as we can, and we’re on track.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the fans and viewers?

I want to say thank you to the fans that actually support us, and I’m going to forget about the whole hater situation. Honestly, winning or losing I’m mostly doing it for myself and my teammates, it’s about how we feel after our losses and about our wins. It’s about how much work we put in, and how we work towards a common goal together. That’s what excites me about esports and being a pro-gamer. I do really appreciate the fans and I love interacting with them, but my achievements are for me and my team. For them, it’s about the appreciation at events and so on. So thank you to those guys who support G2 no matter what, win or lose.

G2 Esports will look to expand their kingdom internationally when they play at the Mid Season Invitational in Brazil. The MSI Play-In Stage begins Friday 28th at 20:00 CEST, and the Group Stage starts on May 10 at 20:00 CEST all broadcast on watch.lolesports.com.