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"Worlds is a stepping stone."

Victory may have slipped through the Misfits’ fingers last night in the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, but redemption is on the horizon.

With a ticket to the 2017 World Championships in their pockets, Nubar “Maxlore” Safarian and the rest of the Misfits look to the future. They’ve already succeeded in their “one year plan” to make it to Worlds, so we talked to the U.K. native to find out what’s next.

The pace of the early games today was pretty slow, why do you think that was?

I don’t think either of us could have made the game any faster, because neither of us got Taliyah or Galio, both of whom accelerate the early game. Every time somebody had priority the other team saw that coming, because we’re two good teams facing each other and we were able to count whatever we were going to do, like pick priority or a roam top lane, for example.

What made you bring out the Rengar in Game 2?

Mainly because they banned the best tank junglers, and we needed something to threaten their backline and their mid-game teamfights. Rengar was kinda my fault, I know Alistar is really good into Rengar and I don’t play so well around it. The pick was questionable, but I also made it look really bad.

G2 vs MSF

Misfits and G2 stand back-to-back during the 2017 Summer Split Finals opening ceremony

Do you think nerves played into today’s series at all?

Probably. G2 have more experience than us, but that isn’t an excuse for us to lose. We didn’t play as well as we know we can, so it’s a bit unfortunate, but it happened you know? Hopefully it will be better at Worlds.

"G2 have more experience than us, but that isn’t an excuse for us to lose."

Nubar “Maxlore” Safarian

What’re you looking forward to most at Worlds?


What does it mean to you to represent the United Kingdom in both the Finals here and at Worlds?

It feels really great, because ever since KaSing left there hasn’t been any great UK talent. Me and Alphari are the next two players to represent the UK at Worlds, so it feels absolutely fantastic to represent the UK but I hope I can make everyone proud and play better than I did today.

You stepped in to replace KaKAO for Misfits, how happy are you with your individual performance this split?

To be honest this split I didn’t play that well. Throughout it all I was inconsistent, mainly because I didn’t really know how to play jungle this season in this meta, with the current champions. In Playoffs it improved a lot, and we’re winning a lot of early games, and I was feeling more confident - even today. Today I didn’t play really really good, apart from the Rengar game I only played good. That’s my honest opinion, I don’t know if I’m being harsh or humble, but based on how I’ve done this split and today in Playoffs, I’m not happy in my performance.


Alphari, Maxlore and Power of Evil on stage during the 2017 Summer Split Finals against G2 Esports

What’s the feeling like on the team overall knowing that you achieved your “one year plan” to make it to Worlds?

If you asked me this if we’d won I would be really happy, but yeah we’ve made Worlds and for me it was a goal and now it’s been achieved and it’s kind of a stepping stone towards my bigger goals I’d say. I only really care about winning, and because we’ve won so much and made it to Worlds it means we can play more and improve more, and that’s fantastic. To be able to go to another country and having fans cheer for you - like today - is a once in a lifetime feeling, and I’ll probably remember it for the rest of my life. And it’s my first big event, and I’ll always remember it. If I can keep getting invited to more events like this we’re gonna have a happy life, you know?

"Having fans cheer for you - like today - is a once in a lifetime feeling, and I’ll probably remember it for the rest of my life."

Nubar “Maxlore” Safarian

Is that your ultimate goal - to keep going to big events like this and winning in the future?

Yeah, our ultimate goal is to win everything, right? Worlds is a stepping stone - because I can win more. It’s really nice for me to be able to walk onto stage and people cheer for my team or me - as I said, it’s just amazing.

Who do you think will be the third team to represent Europe?

I think it will be either Splyce or Fnatic. Fnatic beat H2K, so I can see them being better than Unicorns of Love and H2K. I think Splyce are pretty good, in scrims they do pretty good and on stage against G2 when they played in playoffs they played pretty good. They play a wide range of champions on most, if not all, roles- and they have good players in every role too. They’ve stepped up this split and towards the end as well. So I can see them taking it - I didn’t see enough games from them, I just saw one series and they did surprisingly well - so based on that I think they can take it too.

Maxlore, and the rest of the Misfits, will return for the 2017 World Championships Group Stage in Wuhan, beginning on October 5th 2017 on watch.lolesports.com.