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Fnatic defeat H2K to secure third in Summer

After five back and forth games Rasmus "Caps" Winther - and the rest of Fnatic - picked up a win against H2K to secure themselves Third Place for the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split.


Though they haven’t met their goal for qualifying for the World Championships yet, not all hope is lost for this legendary squad. Fnatic will take to the EU LCS Rift one last time when they play in the Regional Qualifiers. We pulled the Danish native aside to see how he feels about the games tonight and the challenges ahead.

You just played your second series at an EU LCS Third Place Decider Match, how did Paris compare to Hamburg?

Going into Hamburg I was excited in a different way than I was for Paris. We had a big run, because although we didn’t beat G2 we had a strong showing against H2K. But this time around we expected to win against Misfits, but we ended up losing. We really wanted to get either first or second this split, because now we might not even go to Worlds, so playing today didn’t have the same consequences as Hamburg, because back then we played for points. Before the games I didn’t know what to expect, because there was no reward win or lose, so there was no pressure in that way. But once I got on stage and could hear and see the crowd, I felt really cold and started shaking with nerves.  I think Game 1 was super bad for me because I just kept sitting back because I was so nervous, but then I picked it up after.

You mentioned that you didn’t play so well in Game 1, what changes did you make for Game 2?

I think a lot of what happened in Game 1 was the random Ashe arrow from bot lane to mid - that was a huge factor. I also think we changed a lot of mid picks, since we played Cassiopeia in Game 1 which I hadn’t really at all, but after that we went to Syndra because I’ve played that a lot. We were expecting them to pick Syndra, and that’s why I picked Cassiopeia. But instead they picked Corki, and I was stuck with Cassiopeia, and it was a really random mid matchup I hadn’t prepared for. So from my point of view it was just becoming more comfortable on stage, as well as getting a more comfortable mid matchup.

You mentioned that Syndra was a really key pick for you today, what made her so strong going into Games 2 and 3?

I think it just comes down to what we practiced, since I played a lot of Syndra this week and was ready to play my best on it and I knew my limits. For example, Vladimir I hadn’t played for weeks, and Cassiopeia I hadn’t played much either because I expected them to pick her. So I think it comes from what I’ve played this week.

What team are you expecting to make it to the third day of Regional Qualifiers next week to face you?

I don’t think the Unicorns will make it unless they pull an upset, it’s mainly between Splyce and H2K. It’s been awhile since we scrimmed against Splyce, but when we did they looked really strong. So I think they have the upper hand going into it.


Rekkles giving an emotional speech while accepting his 2017 Summer Split MVP award

What do you think of Rekkles being awarded MVP of the Split?

He definitely deserves it. Rekkles has done a lot for our team, especially for in-game stuff, he’s been really focused on his own performance and performing the best he can. He’s probably helped our team the most out of anybody. He helped me a lot in the beginning, before Spring Split. But then he had a bit of a down period where he needed to focus more on himself and his gameplay. I feel like I started to learn a lot more from him at the end of Summer because he opened up again and has been focusing more on being a part of the team.

What are your goals personally for the rest of the year?

My goals were winning EU LCS and winning Worlds, so I guess we won’t have EU LCS, but there is at least Worlds left. I think it’s important right now, at least from my point of view, that I don’t get ahead of myself. I’ve done that a lot in the past. So I want to just practice my hardest for every match, and I think then we’ll go far. I don’t want to talk about it too much though, because I’m afraid I’ll get cocky and jinx it.

I don’t want to talk about it too much though, because I’m afraid I’ll get cocky and jinx it.

Rasmus "Caps" Winther

Fnatic have one last chance to qualify for the 2017 World Championships when the play in the Regional Qualifiers on Sunday, September 10 at 17:00 CEST on watch.lolesports.com.