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2018 EU LCS desktop and mobile wallpapers are here!

Rep your favourite team at home and on the go by downloading one of these ten amazing community artist drawn wallpapers, available for both desktop and mobile!



I decided to group the team more to one side of the composition to somewhat replicate the classic splash art look from League of Legends, and also so I could show more of the stadium which was inspired by FC Schalke 04's football stadium. Each player's expression more or less reflects the personality and competitive air of the players and the champion they are representing!

Xiao (Velsmells), artist



This has been one of the biggest illustrations I have ever done! It was so fun to draw and also I learned a lot from while doing it. I decided to make it look like a team Skin Splash Art, that's why I chose this composition, all together and a bit to the right. Fnatic's color is obviously orange and since my favourite color is blue... well, they are complementary! The background is based on the Dreamhack (where Fnatic won the first Worlds) and I thought the screens were a good way to show big Fnatic logos; then in the middle of the group we have the captain Rekkles, the marksman, Hylissang as support, then Soaz ready to hit you with a french baguette! Caps being a space dragon over there and the huge and coolest jungler Broxah! I wanted them to have proud/"ready to fight" expressions so you can feel they actually are ready to WIN! I hope you enjoy the drawing and GO FNC!

Wandakun, Artist



When I started doing sketches for the wallpaper, Lane Kingdom and G2 Army got stuck to my head. So the overall theme I was going is G2 having their own domain, inspired by Magma Chamber (please Riot!). The champions are the player's favourite champions, and I based the poses on their play styles: Jankos being aggressive as the First Blood King. Wunder that will jump in front as soon as he sees a play. Perkz being calm and calculated. Wadid dabbing... and making plays for his team. Hjarnan kitting and being a hyper-carry as jinx. I'm really excited to watch them when the LCS starts! :)




Showing Giants Gaming was quite a challenge, but it gave me a lot of joy and, above all, satisfaction. The cool colours that surround them are designed to match the colour of the team's brand. One of the main inspirations was also the name of the team, thanks to which I could present them as actual giants. I wanted the composition to look as if the Giants just appeared on the stage, coming out of the smoke, towering over everything, with defiant and mysterious smiles, ready to play, as if they were sure of their win.

Patrycja Wójcik, ARTIST



When I first started thinking about creating an illustration for H2K, I immediately knew that I wanted to go for something bigger and more serious, as they have been around for a while now. Considering that and their overall "moody" colour scheme, they give off some pretty threatening vibes. I wanted the final image to show that they're still there, ready for another season of fighting for the big stage. We all know how fights for our dearly beloved Epic Monsters can turn around the game in a second. It's risky, it's dangerous, we get nervous and our body fills with adrenaline when the objective could mean the win or loss of a game. As there are plenty of artworks floating around picturing Baron Nashor, I thought I would choose the Dragon Pit as H2K's stage instead. It was just about time for the Elder Dragon to shine. The Dragon lurking threateningly to protect his territory, the team showing no fear of what's coming next and positioning to get ready for the next big fight is just what I wanted to display, because H2K is indeed hard to kill.




Last year, Misfits exploded onto the pro scene, rocketing from Challenger all the way to the Worlds stage. Now they enter their sophomore year with the eyes of the entire world upon them, and I'm sure they'll rise to the challenge like they always do. I wanted to capture that sense of a defiant debut together with the pressure of performing as a world-class team, which I represented by drawing them breaking through the red barrier to land in front of a huge crowd. The team kind of reminds me of shonen manga heroes - underdogs who thrive under pressure and never give up - so I took a lot of inspiration from the dynamic poses and style of action manga and anime. I hope looking at this wallpaper fills Misfits fans with the spirit of friendship, effort, and victory!




For Roccat's illustration, I wanted to create an image full of cyberpunk elements, with a linear composition in contrast with the players' dynamic poses. When working on it, I was very careful to depict the pleasing aesthetics and colours of the retro sci-fi genre. The futuristic buildings in the background have subtle hints to the Roccat peripherals: shapes, lights and even colours are directly inspired by the mouses and keyboards of the brand. As for the team, I wanted to show off a powerful attitude as their neon-lit logo itself screamed "rush to victory".




I made many compositions when planning this project, and I chose this one because it conveyed in everything I wanted: a team prepared to fight to win, in an environment in flames like they're in the midst of a battle. I wanted intense colours and lights, eye-catching visual effects and the maximum realism that my hands could offer to record the seriousness this team takes each play and the individual power they each have, and especially when playing together.




UOL have always been a team that transmits good vibes- they have fun and enjoy playing. I wanted to show them taking a selfie as a sign of enjoying their victory, and also I feel like my cartoon style brings out their fun side! They are unicorns and they exude magic, so that's why I illustrated the background to be at night and with many stars, and of course the rainbow which you can not miss- even though it is night, Unicorns can make it possible!




While creating this piece, I was inspired by the "V for Victory" slogan from Vitality, which looks like splashes of ink. I used this medium together with watercolours to create a wallpaper in a traditional art style, which I don't often see used in esports. Portraits have always been my favourite to paint, which is why I put my main focus on them- I wanted to show the players' different personalities simply through their facial expressions.

Monika Urbańczak, ARTIST