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2018 EU LCS Spring Split Awards

The 2018 EU LCS Spring Split awards are finally here! Here’s when you can find out the winners.

This is the final week of the EU LCS regular season, and it has been our closest split ever! Soon we’ll find out who has made it all the way to playoffs and who has crashed and burned just short of the finish line. And, as at the end of every split, now’s the time for use to celebrate our top players and the stand-out stars of the split.

What are the EU LCS Awards?

Once a split, we honor outstanding EU LCS pros and coaches who demonstrated superior teamwork, mastery and strategy during the regular season.

What are the award categories? When can I find out who won?

  • EU LCS All-Pro Team: March 23

  • Coach of the Split & Rookie of the Split: March 30

  • Most Valuable Player: April 7-8th, during the Finals in Copenhagen

Has anything changed from the 2017 Awards process?

Nope, the methodology and rules from previous splits are the same for this split.

Who won last year’s awards?

Voting Criteria

What is the EU LCS All-Pro Team?
The EU LCS All-Pro team represents the individual stars in their respective roles. Players in the 1st team are the objectively best players in each position. If you’re in the All-Pro team, you truly are the best in Europe.

What criteria are the Coaches judged on?
The coach award will be judged based on a team’s in-game strategy, picks and bans, adaptability, and the performance of the team vs. the perceived skill of its players.

Who counts as a Rookie?
Rookies are players who have played less than 3 games in a major region. The Spring Split Rookies are:

  • Upset (FC Schalke 04)
  • Ruin (Giants)
  • Targamas (Giants)
  • Caedrel (H2K)
  • Sheriff (H2K)
  • Norkseren (ROCCAT)
  • Jiizuke (Team Vitality)
  • Minitroupax (Team Vitality)
  • Jactroll (Team Vitality)

What defines MVP?
The MVP or ‘Most Valuable Player’ is the player deemed to have had the most impact for his team throughout the split. Ask yourself the question, ‘If I took this player out of their team and replaced him with someone else, would the team suffer?’ If the answer is yes, then you’re looking at an MVP candidate.

Voting System

When does voting take place?
Voting takes place during Week 9 of the Spring Split from March 12 through March 18.

Who votes?
Same as last split, awards will be voted on by the EU LCS English broadcast team, regional language broadcast teams, 3rd party media, and pro teams. Each voter will receive a ballot that will take votes for:

  • MVP (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

  • EU LCS All-Pro Team 1st, 2nd and 3rd team (best players by position)

  • Rookie of the split (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

  • Coach of the Split (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

A 1st place vote for MVP will be worth three points, a 2nd place vote will be worth two points, and a 3rd place vote will be worth one point.

Will we find out who voted for who?
Yes! After the final award is presented, panelist ballots will be released as part of the MVP article on Lolesports.

All panelists who agreed to participate but fail to submit votes (i.e. they left something blank) will be listed as “declined to vote.” Pros and coaches who vote incorrectly (i.e. vote for their own players) will be listed as “invalid” and those votes will not count toward the total for that category.


What about the Player of the Game votes on Twitter?

It’s important to note that the Twitter voting for ‘Player of the game’ does not count towards our MVP voting. As we do not do it for every game, it would give some players an unfair advantage!

Who would you vote for?

If you were given a ballot for EU LCS awards, who would you vote for All-LCS Team, Coach, Rookie, and MVP? Leave a comment below or join the discussion on Twitter @lolesports.

Don’t forget to check back on Friday March 23rd, to see if your choices match the winners of the All-LCS Team.