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ROCCAT's Norskeren and Profit after their (almost) perfect game against Misfits

We sat down with Norskeren and Profit to discuss their (almost) perfect game, warding strategies, their personal power rankings and their tips for playing Taric and Camille.

First of all congratulations, you guys had an almost perfect game against Misfits today. Only four months ago Misfits were playing against SKT at Worlds. How does it feel taking on a team like that and having such a dominant game against them?

Norskeren: Misfits at Worlds played really well. But then again, they have two different players now. They did a roster change which heavily impacted them, I would say. IgNar to Mikyx is really a big downgrade, and again PowerOfEvil to Sencux, I think it hurt them. So, I mean, they’re still a good team but not as good as they were before. But, it still feels really good to beat one of the top teams in EU.

Profit: I think Misfits downgraded. They had two people change, so I think they need time to adjust because IgNar and PowerOfEvil were playmakers. It’s early in the season, so I think Misfits will show they’re a strong team later on.

IgNar to Mikyx is really a big downgrade, and again PowerOfEvil to Sencux, I think it hurt them.

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen

We saw today in the game that both teams had multiple (2 or 3) control wards stacked in nearly every player's inventories. Can you explain why you guys did this in this game?

Norskeren: As support you should always buy multiples. I always buy three pink wards when I can. Sometimes I get an item and then maybe two but I never buy only one pink. I always have two or three. Having three pinks wards is really good for your clear. For example, if they ward your jungle, you can place a pink ward and clear it and you can use sweeper to sweep more. Denying enemy vision is really important. And I guess Misfits, they know it’s really important. That’s why they always buy many pink wards. I think they have the most pink wards in the EU LCS.

It seemed like in this game against them, you guys had more.

Misfits got kinda wrecked.

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen

Norskeren: Yeah, I guess, they got kinda wrecked. So they didn’t have a moment to buy pink wards. But yeah, it’s really important to deny vision. Choking the enemy out so that he’s like: “Ahh, what do I do? I can’t see what the enemy are doing!” So they kinda have to facecheck and force fights where we have better vision of them. Hey Profit, why didn’t you buy more pink wards this game?

Profit: I think I may have bought a pink ward. Before I didn’t used to buy as many, but now I’m better because when the game ends, Memento checks our stats and always says “Why didn’t you buy a pink ward?”

Norskeren: Yeah, Memento looks in our inventories and sees that we have like two Doran’s Blades instead of like a pink ward. So he’s always like “Hey why don’t sell Doran’s for pinks? It’s really important.” I mean it is important.


Who are the best supports in EU right now?

Norskeren: I think definitely Hylissang is one of the best. He’s, he has a crazy playstyle and I hate playing against him because he does so much stupid shit, so you never know—is he, like, inting now or is he doing something really good? He has insane engages. Other players? It’s hard to know how good a player is because you don’t know what he does for the team, like communication. I think that Vander is one of the best, too. Because I’m pretty sure he does a lot of talking and he’s pretty smart. He knows to pressure and scare the enemy and he’s really good at ADC too, so he’s a multi-role talent.

Profit: Not Mikyx?

Norskeren: Mikyx is good mechanically. One of the best, if not the best. He’s really good at hitting skillshots and knowing how to pressure. He’s same as me, but better. Like not too smart, or not too big brained but he’s pretty good actually. Hylissang, Vander, and Mikyx. Those are the top three, I would say.

Hylissang does so much stupid shit, so you never know—is he, like, inting now or is he doing something really good? He has insane engages.

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen

Who do you think are the best top laners in EU right now?

Profit: I think sOAZ, because he’s smart. I like smart players. I think his laning phase isn’t strong, but I think on other phases he’s good. He knows how to play. But I think Cabochard and Alphari have stronger laning phases.


Profit, you got 56% of the vote on Twitter for Player of the Game. Did you know?

Norskeren: You were MVP!

Profit: Ah!

[They didn’t know]

How do you feel?

Profit: Mmm. It’s good because Norskeren has many MVPs. So I think, my first MVP, I think it’s good.

I think Norskeren often gets MVP as well because of your Player Cam moments where you’re dabbing and the fans voting love that stuff.

Norskeren: Ah yeah. I get really excited! I think it’s pretty nice to play LCS and especially win. I get really excited and happy.

Do you do dab at home as well?

Norskeren: Ohhhhh no. I-I don’t know why I did it. I was just really excited for winning.

Profit: What? You’re the same.

Norskeren: Ok, sometimes…

Profit: He’s the same when he’s playing solo queue. Or in practice if our team is winning you hear him.

Norskeren: It’s really silly, but I guess I do it… more than I know.

Norskeren's the same when he’s playing solo queue. Or in practice if our team is winning you hear him [shouting and dabbing]

Jun-hyung "Profit" Kim

ROCCAT team huddle. Clockwise: Profit, Memento, Blanc, HeaQ, Norskeren, Flyy and Fredy122

Can you describe the rest of your teammates?

Norskeren: Who do you think is the funniest guy on team?

Profit: I think our jungler is... [Norskeren and Profit start laughing] 100% percent, no?

Norskeren: He’s really, uh, he has mood swings. He’s really straight forward and if you play bad, he will say it, and he will joke about it. He’s really funny but he’s also really serious. He’s the most mature, but also the most childish. I mean HeaQ is probably the most serious, but me and him have a lot of fun. We joke around together. And Blanc is pretty serious. [laughs]

Profit: [laughs] Yeah, he’s very serious.

Norskeren: Because he laughs the least. And then, uh, I think Profit it kinda funny too [Profit laughs] because he always makes fun of Memento. He always flames: “Hey Memento, why do you do this… why, why, why?” He’s always angry at Memento. And he wants to make him better. But I think this is how a team should be. We’re not afraid of calling each other out. We want to be the best we can.

Profit: Memento is… hmmmmm… [Norskeren laughs]. I think he’s so funny [He laughs]. His mentality is so strange [He laughs again] He’s so strange. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s bad.

Norskeren: He’s pretty mindful. Like this guy thinks about attitude all the time and if somebody sounds disrespectful to another player, he’s going to say: “Hey you should be more understanding.” He just thinks about mentality a lot. He’s kinda weird. But he knows how to think about us, because he had a rough split on Giants. So when we lose games he’s always trying to cheer us up. I was really sad and angry when we lost against Vitality in a 70-minute game. But he was okay. He’s pretty chill.

Profit is always angry at Memento. And he wants to make him better. But I think this is how a team should be. We’re not afraid of calling each other out.

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen
Profit and Memento

Profit and Memento high-fiving after a win

Profit, how would you describe Norskeren?

Profit: Norskeren? Hmmmmm.

Norskeren: Kid?

Profit: He’s a rookie, so I think sometimes he’s nervous. This is his first LCS season, but I think he’ll become better as he loses his nerves. He’ll become an even better player.

This week you’re playing against H2K and you have your first rematch against Schalke. How do you think those games are going to go?

“There’s nothing more scary than a man with nothing to lose”. So, we’re not going to underestimate H2K.

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen

Norskeren: I don’t know what’s happening to H2K, but they seem like they’re really lost. Switching their jungler and mid like that is really weird. But there’s that saying, “There’s nothing more scary than a man with nothing to lose”. So, we’re not going to underestimate H2K. We’re going to take it as serious as possible.

I’ve got pretty good friends on Schalke. Upset is a good friend, and Nukeduck and I are the only Norwegian players. I want them to succeed, but of course I want to win against them. It’s really unlucky that we had to play against them with a sub, our kryptonite, and then lost. I think Memento also really wants to win since it’s his former team too. We’re going to work our hardest, it’s definitely going to be a tough match, but not that tough.

Profit: We want to make it to Playoffs. So we should win the matchups next week against H2K and Schalke. I think we want to win more against Schalke because we lost against them in Week 1 and it was so close, so I wanna win. It was our first match and we were so we mad. So I wanna show them what we’re capable of.

I wanna show them what we’re capable of.

Jun-hyung "Profit" Kim

Okay, let's talk champions. Profit, you played Camille against Misfits, but we noticed that other teams keep letting you play Gnar despite seeing how impactful you are on him. Why do you think teams keep letting you have Gnar?

Profit: I think that believe they have a counterpick, so they leave Gnar open. And then they don’t think to first or second pick Gnar. It’s great for me, because I like Gnar [He laughs]. But I have other champions I can play, so I think it doesn’t matter.

Norskeren: Yeah, the enemy team probably thinks they can counter it with champions like Jayce or Camille. If you play Camille into Gnar and maybe have Ryze mid you can always dive Gnar. Or they just realised his champion pool is big anyway, so if they ban Gnar, he’d just play something else.

What runes do you recommend for Camille?

camille 2

Profit: This is my page for Camille. Against Misfits, I took Mirror Shell because they had 3 AP champions, but you should adjust depending on who you’re playing against.

Do you have any tips for playing against Camille?

Profit: Hitting Camille’s E (Hookshot) is important, so you need to be mobile to avoid it and her W (Tactical Sweep). You need to stay close to her.

Norskeren: For Tactical Sweep, if you’re far away she heals and deals more damage, but if you stay close to her it’s like Darius’ Q. She deals less damage. So it’s important to watch your range. She E’s on you, you take a lot of damage then W poke with Comet it’s pretty disgusting.

Norskeren, you played Taric against Misfits. What runes do you recommend for him?


Norskeren: We’re playing EU LCS on patch 8.2, so I took Magical Footwear and Perfecting Timing, but now on patch 8.3 I’d take boots probably and…

Profit: You don’t take Stopwatch?

Norskeren: No. Boots are better.

Profit: Zhonya is better. Boots are so useless.

Norskeren: I don’t think so. In this game I didn’t use my Stopwatch once. I think boots are better.

Profit: Why don’t you take Conditioning?

Norskeren: Because Taric’s W gives him armour from level 1.

Profit: Yeah but Conditioning is better in late game, no?

Norskeren: It’s the same. Because Iron Skin helps in early game, and Taric always has the shield in late.

Why do you prefer Minion Dematerializer over Biscuit Delivery?

Norskeren: Because you can push the wave and roam into the river. It’s important to get vision.

Do you have tips for a new player who wants to try Taric?

Norskeren: Taric’s heal—I see a lot of players maxing heal (Q - Starlight’s Touch) or maxing stun (E - Dazzle) first but it’s important to always have or to get two points in Q then just max the stun. With Taric you if you have two stacks in Q you can: Q -> auto, auto -> Q. Because you get one free heal charge per auto so you only need two points in Q.

In teamfights you should always look to bind your W (Bastion) then look for stuns together with you and another player. If you have a jungler like Jarvan, he can jump in and I W him so he stuns. So you can catch people easily with this.

Also, it’s really important if you can hit auto attacks. So with Taric in teamfights you Q -> auto, auto -> Q -> auto, auto. Then all the cooldowns get lower, it’s just really important to hit things with your passive (Bravado).

Do you have tips for someone who’s playing against Taric?

Norskeren: It’s really important to stay away from Taric, so he can’t hit you. His early game, like this game we played against the Misfits… I managed to hit a lot of stuns and hitting Tristana a lot. I do more damage than her early game, so I will trade just by telling HeaQ to stay away from Alistar and me chasing Tristana. And just dealing a lot of damage because he didn’t jump away from me—he let me hit him. It’s really important to not stay in melee range of Taric.


Lucas, a dedicated ROCCAT fan who shows up every week to cheer his team on

Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

Norskeren: I mean, I really appreciate all the fans that come. Even if ROCCAT’s had a rough couple of years, it feels good to know that no matter Lucas is always there and the rest of our fans. It’s really nice to see them cheering for us. So I really appreciate it.

Profit: Before when I played on NIP we had no fans, and we were so sad. And in their first year fans would chant “U-O-L! UNICORNS!” but you never heard “N-I-P!”. I always wanted to hear fans chant for us. When I was on SKT, we had fans so I always heard “S-K-T!” But in ROCCAT, the cheers from the crowd feels so good. In-game when you hear “ROCCAT! ROCCAT!”, it feels so good. The fans make me so happy.

Norskeren: At the Worlds Finals, to hear ROCCAT fans chanting would be really great!

When I played on NIP we had no fans, and we were so sad... But in ROCCAT, the cheers from the crowd feels so good. The fans make me so happy.

Jun-hyung "Profit" Kim