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Perkz: "It just feels really bitter. Not even bittersweet, just bitter."

After an unfortunate defeat at the hands of Fnatic in the EU Spring Split Finals, we spoke to G2's Perkz about the development of the completely overhauled G2 roster, the awe of the Opening Ceremony, and his grand travelling plans for the off-season.

How has G2 grown during the Split?

We are still lost as a team which is kind of sad.


Perkz: At the beginning of the Split, we were really bad at playing together. It was a very new team. By the end of the Split, we became more of a team. We are still lost as a team which is kind of sad. I think mostly we've just gotten better with game knowledge. It's really hard right now to see the positives after getting stomped by Fnatic, but it shows we have to keep trying harder. But we were still better than the other teams so we placed second. It's not too bad, it just feels really bitter. Not even bittersweet, just bitter, to be behind another team.

What was the Opening Ceremony like?

Perkz: Actually, the Opening Ceremony was the highlight of my day. The ceremony was better organized than any of the others before that I've taken part in. It felt very hype, it fired me up for the first game. It's part of why we were playing well until we were not. The ceremony was great, really hype and it brought a lot of hype to the community. When we went as a team to the stairs and everyone was standing two or three steps away, everyone in the audience was calling the names of G2 and Fnatic. Then we walked downstairs, around the trophy, and then we met and shook their hands before heading to the stage for the tournament. It felt good. You could go and see your opponent, maybe intimidate him with your eyes or a handshake, then go on and be ready to play.


Were you trying to intimidate Caps?

Perkz: I wasn't really trying to, no. He's like a kid, so it's really cute. We just smiled.

Did you hear the smack talk from Caps before the games?

Perkz: Yeah, I heard it. He got really offended when I said something like "Caps is worse than he's ever been before." And that was mostly around Jiizuke and Gilius, they were really going to outperform their jungle-mid I think. I don't really remember, it was so random, I was just trying to get some fire out. I would be offended too, if I were him, I would be really mad, and he really clapped me. I really liked the words, and I wanted to be better than him but I was worse today, so he really deserves the title.


How did the team handle themselves during the games?

Perkz: We were really fired up. In Game 1, we knew exactly what they were going to pick. They probably knew exactly what we were going to pick. We were just ready to play against Rekkles with Hylissang's Braum and we were snowballing really well, but we're just not very good at closing out games. We got outscaled in the end, and we felt like we were close as a team.

You could really see how much better they are than us. It felt devastating.

Luka "Perkz" Perković

The next game we played, we were supposed to have mid-jungle pressure. I don't know what happened, I think mid-jungle-bot together all played kind of bad, and then sometime past 15 minutes, I was getting pressured on my lane. I was supposed to win early game and I was, then I was supposed to lose late game because I was getting pushed in. Suddenly, he had full vision and I got killed as well, so it just felt really bad to play in the second game. They just had better team fighting champs, so it was really hard for us to win because we were a worse macro team so we couldn't actually snowball games. They just picked better team fighting comps.

Then, in Game 3, we were really fine in the game. I don't even know what happened, honestly. I really felt bad in the game because they were so much better than us. It was really crazy, you could see the difference between the teams in Game 3. You could really see how much better they are than us. It felt devastating.

How did Rekkles's pentakills affect the team's mentality?

Perkz: I was fine mentally. I knew, going into the series, we had a really low chance of winning. I was trying to be hopeful and cheerful for my team, and try to improve myself and my team. But it's just really hard when a team is really far ahead of you to get better than them in such a short period of time. After Game 2, we were fine mentally but all of us probably knew we had no chance. Even though we could win early game, we just lost in five minutes. It just felt really bad.


Did you get the chance to meet many fans in Copenhagen?

Perkz: Actually, I was feeling really down after the game. I'm still feeling really down. There are so many people who came here that have come up to me and told me where they were from, from Israel or somewhere, only to see us. It made me feel at least a little bit more happy to know that all of these people still came for me even though we lost. They support us, there's a lot of people with G2 jerseys especially compared to previous events. I'm just really grateful for that and I wish people will keep supporting me moving forward.

What does G2 have to do to reach the Finals again?

There is no carry, there's just the team.

Luka "Perkz" Perković

Perkz: It's really hard to say right now after getting so demoralized. Right now, it feels so hopeless. Maybe we'll look back at those games and realize they were just a little bit better after the 15-minute mark or something. Honestly, I just think all five of us need more game knowledge. That's really it. If you're smarter about the game and how the game works, you take better fights and easier fights. You don't panic in game, and we are panicking so much and we're getting lost right now.

There's not much to it, nobody is to blame. There is no one player winning or losing the game alone. People say Rekkles carries every game, or Caps carries games and sometimes trolls, but the truth is that the team carries the game. Everyone who plays with Rekkles or plays with Caps, who makes plays with their top laner– There is no carry, there's just the team. Some players make more mistakes, some players make less mistakes like Rekkles, but it's just about being a good team.


What are your plans for the off-season?

Perkz: I had a plan to go to Japan with Trick, Mithy and Wadid. I think I want to stick to that plan. Tomorrow, though, I'm going back home to Croatia to see my friends and family. I'm also planning on attending a Korean boot camp either with or without my team– I don't know how they're going to be feeling or what their plans are for the off-season, but I'm definitely going to go to a Korean boot camp. I need to level myself up again and grind, but first I need to take a break from League and refresh because I am feeling so burnt out.

Do you have any plans for while you're in Japan?

Perkz: In Japan, we're mostly planning on going to the mountains and to the spa, and I'll just go to Korea after because it's so close. All of the Korean friends that I have speak nicely and highly of Japan, so I wanted to go there and visit Japan with them. Rest and relaxation, maybe some tourism and shopping.

Do you have any closing words for your fans?

Perkz: I would like to thank all the fans for supporting me over the last few years. I'm feeling really down because, last year at Worlds, I felt like we could actually contest for the title of World Champion and now we can't even contest for the title of EU Champion. I promise that I'm going to work as hard as possible to be able to perform at the highest level, because this is really embarrassing.

I promise that I'm going to work as hard as possible to be able to perform at the highest level.

Luka "Perkz" Perković

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