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Nisqy: "Caps is just going to destroy Perkz, I don't see any other outcome."

After his epic five-game series versus Team Vitality to cinch third place in the EU LCS Spring Split, Splyce's Nisqy sat down with us to talk about his rivalry with Febiven, Rift Rivals, playing in Copenhagen and his predictions for the Spring Split Finals.

You mentioned you wanted to play against Febiven at Rift Rivals, can you tell us about that rivalry?

Nisqy: I think it was about one year ago, my friend was streaming. This was the time shortly after Febiven got kicked from Fnatic. I remember saying it was because of his attitude on my friend's stream. Then Febiven made a tweet about it, this was while I was still considered a "nobody". He asked why I was lying. From then on... It's not like I hate Febiven but I just want to play against him and show him I'm better and that he's not good. If I could play against my former teammates, I would probably just smash them.

It's not like I hate Febiven but I just want to play against him and show him I'm better.

Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer

Is there anyone else on your radar besides Febiven?

Nisqy: LirA. Because he taught me a lot about the game, and I want to show him that I improved enough to actually beat him. I would be really glad if I could beat him.

Do you think NA will destroy EU the way they did last year at Rift Rivals?

Nisqy: I don't think so. I played in NA, and I think they're playing really safe. Half of the games, they don't even play around the sides, they just go five mid, ARAM-style. If you do that in Europe, one team will just slow push two waves and then they'd be lost and lose towers. In Europe, we're more controlled in our game and I think, this year, EU will probably smash NA.

What are your score expectations for Rift Rivals?

Nisqy: I'm not sure. If Clutch had managed to get third I think it would have been harder, but I think we should be able to beat any team, to be honest. We'll get some revenge for last year, show that EU is better than NA as well.


Do you think NA as a region is less advanced in League than EU?

Nisqy: If you watch any game, a team will make one mistake late game and they'll just lose the game out of that. I feel like the ADCs, there was a team that was 50 minutes into the game and their Caitlyn had six items yet they still played 20 more minutes. Sometimes they don't just take the Drakes or other smaller objectives. I don't know, they're just weird. I think it should be fine, maybe, but I think we're just better. They don't close out games. If there's a Cloud Drake for like 20 extra minutes on the map and everyone is ARAMing, you know, at some point you have to take the Drake and end the game.

I didn't feel on EnVy that we wanted to win as much as we do on Splyce.

Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer

You played in NA last year– What's the difference structure-wise between NA and EU?

Nisqy: Back on EnVy, everyone had their own problems and their own style of playing the game. At Splyce, it's more like a team. We have three coaches and they actually help me. On EnVy, we had kind of a mental coach but we had nobody who did draft or taught us the game except LirA at the time. On Splyce, I'm learning much faster and a lot more. It's more serious, in a way, and it's also more fun because you start winning and you just feel good. I didn't feel on EnVy that we wanted to win as much as we do on Splyce.


What did you think when you first entered the Royal Arena?

Nisqy: At the beginning, I thought I would be stressed. In the beginning, we were all kind of stressed. After the first game, though, I think we all kind of chilled.

Have prepping and scrims been stressful?

Nisqy: During scrims, it was fine for me but that's only because I didn't feel any pressure at all. But then, when I saw all the people here, I started feeling the pressure. The week was really good for us, scrim-wise, and I expected us to win today even if we played five games.


What made you expect to win today?

Nisqy: I just think that our 2v2 mid is one of the best in Europe right now, and I knew Vitality would always play around mid so if we neutralized that, it wouldn't be easy but it would stop them from playing their game.

Kobbe attributed the team's victory to you.

Nisqy: I mean, no flame to Kobbe but I think he had a bit of pressure because he played in Denmark. You know, everyone was kind of expecting him to be insane because he's playing in his home country. Usually I'm the guy who feels the pressure because I've never been on stage like this, but today I stepped up and he was able to play normally so he could win us the game. So I'm quite happy.

I just think that our 2v2 mid is one of the best in Europe right now.

Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer

You were voted Player of the Series! How do you feel?

Nisqy: I felt quite happy because, I think it was against G2 when Odoamne got MVP and I was smurfing on Galio on that point. Yeah, I wanted MVP and I just got it, so I'm quite happy.

You had some great games on Cassiopeia, at one point taking on their whole team and managing to get two kills before you died. What was going through your head?

Nisqy: I mean, my team was pushing top and mid and I told them, "Okay guys, if they're bot you can still push and I can maybe kill one of them." And then I saw them running at me and I thought, "Okay, I'm going to kill them." I'm just fighting and my team is not talking, then I hear, "Jiizuke died? Holy, you're still doing stuff?" Then I just killed Jinx and we got two inhibs and then ended the game.

The games were very back-and-forth, with Vitality taking Game 1 before you retaliated in Game 2. Why do you think it was so back-and-forth?

They were making a lot of mistakes and we just abused them and won.

Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer

Nisqy: I think that everything was kind of decided by the early game. So, as an example, in the second game when I had Cassio and they made some mistakes, they knew it would be really hard for them to play the game because, if Cass is ahead, you can't really do anything on the map. I think it was more that the first team who made the mistake lost the game. They were making a lot of mistakes and we just abused them and won.

Do you think this is a result of the current meta, or just the teams' current play styles?

Nisqy: I think that, once you get behind in early game, it's really hard to come back in this meta because you get so much gold and so many objectives. For example, if you play something like Taliyah and you don't get an early lead, then your champion is kind of useless.


You were described on the Analyst Desk as one of the most improved players of the Split. What's changed?

Nisqy: I think I'm playing more of my kind of champions, not just meta champions. I think, in a way, I'm playing more aggro as well. I would play safe and I would get behind in CS. Right now, playing a lot with Xerxe helps because, if you're good with mid-jungle, you can kind of win any lane. I think we're quite good at that right now and, if we keep playing that way, we're going to be the best.

I think Xerxe and I help each other a lot in review and in Duo Queue. When he has ideas and champion thoughts, we just talk a lot and improve as a duo and I like that a lot as well.


Why do you think you played safer at the start of the Split?

Nisqy: I mean, my first game was against Caps and he had Azir. He was just smurfing. And it was my first game, I didn't know what to do. I was also a bit stressed because I didn't play aggro enough and, as a team, we were really bad as well. We couldn't play our top properly, our mid properly, or our bot lane properly. It was quite hard in the beginning, but we just improved and we're good now.

Speaking about Caps, you said on stage that you think Fnatic will win tomorrow– Why?

Nisqy: I mean, I think Caps is just going to destroy Perkz, to be honest. I don't see any other outcome. And I think Fnatic bot lane will also smash G2's bot lane. I think the only way G2 wins is if Wunder just hardcore smurfs, that's it. I don't think they can win through mid. I don't think they can win through bot.

I mean, I think Caps is just going to destroy Perkz, to be honest. I don't see any other outcome.

Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer

What is it about Caps that makes you think he's so much better than Perkz?

Nisqy: They're kind of like the same player in a lot of ways, but Caps is always at the highest of his mechanics. He'll zone you at 10 hp while Perkz will zone you at 300 hp, or he won't zone and he will die. That's why Caps is much better– He's better in lane, he has better mechanics, and despite having less knowledge than Perkz his veterans are helping him a lot in that. Caps will just destroy.

Any parting words for your fans?

Nisqy: I know there are a lot of French fans following me. There's also #TeamNisqy, they've been following me too, so I just want to thank them and I'm just proud to represent them.