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Attila on the Spring Split: "We lost track of how to play the game our way."

The bottom lane is looking very different these days. Rarely the home of marksmen, we now see what we once called AD Carries playing things like Mordekaiser, Vladimir, and even Yasuo. In the midst of this new role identity crisis, Team Vitality’s bottom laner Amadeu “Attila” Carvalho is striving to make a new name for himself.

Formerly going by the tag Minitroupax, Attila isn’t letting the meta get him down and has been doing his best to adapt, showing off unique picks such as Lux. We caught up with him to talk about Vitality’s rollercoaster of a Spring Split and how he’s adjusted to 8.11 and beyond.

Team Vitality had an incredible start to the Spring Split. What do you think gave you guys the advantage?

I felt like teams were not giving us the amount of respect we deserved when they were playing against us.

Amadeu "Attila" Carvalho

Attila: I think one of the bigger advantages that we had was that we were a brand-new team. Nobody really knew us at all, they didn’t know what our playstyle was or how the team would play it out. Our hard work paid off and, last but not less important, I felt like teams were not giving us the amount of respect we deserved when they were playing against us - which made them lose the edge over us even though they should have been better on paper.

A lot of the team’s early success was attributed to your mid laner, Jiizuke. What was it like to have a play through a "mid mentality"?

Attila: Spring Split was a split were some mid lane champions were absolutely broken. Zoe had to be perma ban, Ryze was really strong and still had the mechanic of R + Stopwatch. Luckily for us, our mid laner’s best champions were those and enemies kept leaving them open. He played a lot of Ryze and I think his Ryze is insane so that made it much easier for us to get wins that nobody was expecting us to get.

From my side, I am up to play what’s best and can make us have the bigger chances to win against anybody. Doesn’t really matter if I must not do much or if I must put on the carry pants. In the start of the Split, I felt like my job was to do well in lane while my solo lanes and jungler do their work, then 1-3-1 later, doing the wave clear duty that I was assigned for.


You guys slumped in the middle of the Split. Was it a meta issue, mentality, or do you think teams simply figured you out?

Attila: In my opinion, we lost track of how to play the game our way. Our early game started to be quite sloppy, starting from the G2 game that we lost before the second half of the split. We didn’t play good at all, we were doing nothing and just letting the other teams play it out. Also, I think teams started to see how our team worked better after the second half of the split and some of the teams started to play way better than in the first half, like Splyce for example.

Towards the end of the Split, it seemed like something clicked for you. Why do you think that was?

I felt like in the start of the Spring Split I was just the sacrificial lamb.

Amadeu "Attila" Carvalho

Attila: I felt like in the start of the Spring Split I was just the sacrificial lamb since we were playing a lot of split pushers in both of our solo lanes and our jungle pressure was always through mid to top so I couldn’t play as aggressive as I wanted to. Nonetheless, I was not playing at the level that I was playing later in the Split and mainly during playoffs. I am happy that I caught up to Jiizuke and Cabochard since the more threats you have, the harder it is for the enemy team to play the game.

Your new name is Attila– Any particular meaning behind it?

Attila: I wanted a nickname that I could see and say ‘That’s me!’ Attila was a conqueror, someone who was fearless and ambitious. That’s one of the better ways that I would describe myself, so I thought it would be a good choice. So far, I really like the change and it makes me feel better and more ‘myself’.


How did you get into playing League of Legends?

Attila: I’ve been a gamer ever since I discovered video games. I was really into console games but, when my sister got married, I got to know my brother-in-law and he started playing League of Legends back then. After discovering it, I just enjoyed it so much that I stuck with it.

Have you always been an ADC player?

Attila: No. I only got to play ADC in Season 4. I used to be a top laner before it was a boring lane and mid lane until one friend casually told me that I should try ADC since he thought I was good at it from seeing me playing off role.


You guys came into the new split fully embracing the crazy new meta. Are you excited about playing bruisers and mages?

It’s refreshing to play different champions each patch.

Amadeu "Attila" Carvalho

Attila: I am excited to compete in general. I love to play League of Legends and it does not make a difference playing a marksman or a mage for me. I’ve got to say that it’s refreshing to play different champions each patch, even more now that I can be playing champions from Lucian to Lux.

Would you want to see the meta go back to a stronger focus on marksmen?

I love playing marksmen, that’s why I choose the position of bot laner, but I don’t mind playing some other stuff like Lux or Heimerdinger once in a while. If they buff marksmen a little bit both options will be viable and I’ll be in heaven.

Team Vitality is off to a strong start again– Are you guys prepared to keep it up for the whole Split?

We are. We’re looking forward to be more consistent during the regular Split since last Split it all fell apart after the second half. If we keep up the good work and our mindset heads into the right direction, I think we’ll be able to finish above the 4th place that we had last split. We’re also aiming for 1st place and Worlds so we’ve got to keep up the performance.

We’re also aiming for 1st place and Worlds so we’ve got to keep up the performance.

Amadeu "Attila" Carvalho

You can cheer on Attila during this week's EU LCS matches on Twitter at @Attila_LoL.