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Fantasy LCS is live

Start your journey towards esports glory with Fantasy LCS. Make your picks now.


  • Fantasy LCS is live

  • Go make your picks

  • Scoring has been updated with NA LCS and EU LCS moving to Bo1

Start your journey towards esports glory with Fantasy LCS. Drafts are live so you can assemble your dream team for Week 1 before EU LCS games begin on Friday, January 19.

How do I get started?

Head over to the Fantasy LCS website to set up or join a League. Once your league is full, the league owner can start your draft. You and your competitors must draft at least one player for each position and a team. You will also draft three bench players.

Each week you will set your lineup with who you think will do the best that week as you go head to head against one of your opponents. The highest score wins your matchup. Earn the best record in your league to be crowned the champion.

How does scoring work?

Now that we’ve returned to Best of 1s, scoring is much more straightforward than in previous splits. Each week, the players and team you start will score points for each game that they play. How do they earn points? Check out our How to Play Guide to see the scoring breakdown.

Roster Moves

Your players will lock on your roster when games for their region start each week, so make sure to make any swaps before the first game of the weekend. You can move players between your starting roster and bench, and you can trade players between your roster and free agency or other teams. Keep an eye on the expanded NA LCS rosters as there could be more player movement than we’ve seen in past splits.

It’s my first time playing, where can I get more information?

Head on over to the How to Play Guide.

LFG - Where can I find people to play with?

Check out the Fantasy LCS subreddit or Boards.

What browsers are supported?

Fantasy LCS is only supported on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and FireFox browsers so make sure you have one installed.


GLHF and I’ll see you on the Fantasy Rift!