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Match of the Week: Fnatic Versus G2 Esports

The last time Fnatic faced G2 Esports, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson was still playing marksman in the bottom lane. Luca “Perkz” Perković had yet to play Kai’Sa mid. Most importantly, though, Fnatic was finishing off a sweep in the EU LCS Spring Finals. Oh, how the times have changed.

G2 now sits atop the EU LCS standings with a 4-0 record while Fnatic sits at 3-1 after a dominant week two. This will clearly be the first true test for G2 and is the EU Lolesports’s Game of the Week.

The Mid Factor

Perkz and G2 certainly look like the best “funnel comp” team in the world. The team has gotten off to a scorching start. They have played almost every game with a Perkz-centric comp except game one of Week 1 against Roccat. Simply put, the polarizing comp fits right into G2’s playstyle. Perkz gets to hard carry mid, Martin “Wunder” Hansen holds his own in the top lane, and, in the bottom lane, Petter “Hjarnan” Hansen and Kim “Wadid” Bae-in play supportive champions. Perkz has been fantastic during the Split, wrecking front lines with Kai’Sa and dashing all over the rift with Lucian against H2K.

However, the most surprising player of G2 has been its jungler: Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski.


Jankos Rising

The EU first blood king has played three straight games of Braum, looking stellar every single time. Jankos has somehow picked up a support champion in mere weeks. He has only fallen victim to death once in four games and sits atop EU with an outstanding 84.7% kill participation. While many of his assists have come from following Perkz around the map, Jankos has still found ways to stand out with his pathing and mechanics. Maybe the best example of Jankos’s play was his counter-gank for Wunder’s Aatrox against Splyce during Week 1. He clearly read Splyce’s playbook and rocked Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu with great shielding and on-point Winter’s Bite usage.


Jankos always seems to have his wall up at the right time. Whether he stops an Ornn Ult or blocks damage for his team, he has shown a true mastery of playing a support. G2 should look to play another Perkz-centered comp, leaving Fnatic scrambling to find an answer.

Fnatic Flips

The Spring Split champions are coming off a very strong week two with one huge wrinkle: Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau has been playing bottom lane while Rekkles sits on the bench. Fnatic found a working formula with Bwipo bottom. The top lane sub plays bruisers and mages bot lane while Rasmus “Caps” Winther plays fighters in the mid lane. Though Bwipo doesn’t have as much experience as Rekkles, he plays quite well in his place.

Caps on Lock

Even with a top laner playing alongside a support, the story for Fnatic is Caps. Baby Faker headed into the Summer Split with a standout performance at the Mid-Season Invitational. Caps brought out Yasuo in multiple games against the best teams in the world, signaling how ready he was to become a true carry. While Week 1 wasn’t the best funnel comp performance we’ve seen, Fnatic quickly scrapped the comp and put its star mid laner on fighters.

Caps became a beast, dashing all over the map with Yasuo and Irelia during Week 2. The Fnatic mid laner has always been questioned for his performance in side lanes– Caps seemed to always dazzle on mages, but everything falls apart when he’s pushed to a side lane. His experience with fighters mid has been huge for Caps and Fnatic, and gives the team even more options as it pushes into the mid season.


Which Champions Will Rise?

G2 is clearly the favorite heading into this Week 3 showdown. The team has looked tremendous over the course of the season. No game has been close. Expect G2 to run another funnel comp, regardless of Fnatic’s bans. A Xayah, Rakan mid/jungle duo has been creeping up in Korea, and Perkz has already shown his capabilities on Kai’Sa and Lucian.

If G2 is looking for a new pick to throw at Fnatic, look to the top lane. Paul “sOAZ” Boyer can really play anything top but, if Week 2 was any indication, he will play a tank. Wunder will definitely look to counter-pick or first pick a top lane bruiser. His Aatrox has looked great, Fiora has seen some play in EU, and Darius has become a great pick on patch 8.12 as well. Wunder unlocks so many options for G2’s composition capabilities. Funnel comps always seem to work better when it has more than just one damage dealer, and he’s the real deal.

Look to Fnatic to counter with fighters all across the map. Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen has always been a consistent performer. Putting him on a fighter makes a lot of sense if you’re Fnatic. Xin Zhao, Trundle, and even Nocturne are all good options. As long as Broxah is on an aggressive champion, Fnatic will most likely look to invade early and often. Other teams have shown that it is easy to target a funnel comp early in the game by taking smart invades and fighting 2v2s with a mid and jungle.

Even with G2 as a favourite, the team has not defeated Fnatic in a single game since June of 2017.

G2 and Fnatic face off in the Match of the Week on June 29th at approximately 22:00 CEST.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below!