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2019 LEC On-Air Talent - with support from Kia

Say hello to the 2019 on-air talent team, with support from our newest partner Kia Motors.

The Inaugural League of Legends European Championship commences on Friday, January 18 and our broadcast team is gearing up to guide you through the birth of our new and improved competition.

Before we kick start the LEC and introduce our casters, hosts and interviewers, we would like to present our newest partner that will help us level up our broadcast in the 2019 season.

Riding in Style with Kia

Creating exciting experiences that go beyond your expectations, we’re proud to announce that Kia will officially be joining the LEC in 2019 as the official automotive sponsor of the league.

Kia will also be the presenting sponsor of the ‘Player of the Game’ segment, where our team of casters and analysts break down the most exciting clutch plays of the day.

You might have seen Quickshot driving around Berlin in a swanky KIA car to assemble the casting team, you’ll now also see the Kia fleet making an appearance at our roadshows and offline events, where we’ll be cooking up special onsite activations for our fans.

Without further ado, here are the names and faces who’ll be bringing you the 2019 LEC action live from our Berlin studio.


Trevor “Quickshot” Henry

From: South Africa

"I've been playing League since 2010 and got involved as caster in 2012, started casting freelance events like Go4LoL cups, 4PL and they led me to bigger and bigger stages. I was somewhat responsible for all casters learning the spell names back in the day and famously smacked Deficio’s bottom on broadcast after he asked me for a very famous kiss. I love this game, I love esports and I’m happy I get to share those feelings with so many viewers around the world.”

"2018 was the best year yet for the European Broadcast team. Going into 2019, we have a new partnered League, upgraded studio and even more to be excited for. It’s our goal to build on the success of 2018 and make this season of LEC even better than any year previous!"

Follow Quickshot on Twitter: @RiotQuickshot, Instagram: quickshotofficial, and Facebook: QuickshotOfficial



Daniel Drakos

From: Oregon, USA

"I started playing league when Nidalee was released, convinced at the time that Mundo was the most complex champion in the game because he used health as a resource. I have since learned otherwise. I began my career in esports as a writer and graphic designer before branching into casting. I've been a professional caster since 2015 and I joined the EU LCS in spring of 2016, making my debut that summer. I’m just here to watch people get outplayed and shout about it.”

“2019 is the year of Europe, G2 already gave RNG the smackdown at worlds, Fnatic made it to finals. We only go up from here!”

Follow Drakos on Twitter: @DanielDrakos and Instagram: danieldrakos



Andrew “Vedius” Day

From: Wales, UK

"I am Andrew 'Vedius' Day. The greatest Welsh Nocturne Mid one-trick on the planet. I started off as an aspiring player that one day wanted to be pro, but had the opportunity to cast in the UK and have been in love ever since. I’ve been casting the European scene for 2 and a half years now and was truly blessed to have the opportunity to cast RNG vs G2 at the 2018 World Championship. One of the greatest upsets of all time and I got to be a part of it! While I will forever miss Deficio, I will do my best to share what he has taught me and make Europe more exciting than it ever has been. Believe it!

"With 2018 being a great year for Europe, it is only going to level up in 2019. Worlds finalists, Returning heroes and ridiculous rosters will bring about another glorious year for Europe as we work our way towards being the best region in the world."

Follow Vedius on Twitter: @RiotVedius, Instagram: vediusofficial, Twitch: @VediusOfficial



Indiana “Froskurinn” Black

From: Oregon, USA

“Formerly of the LPL, I’ve chased League of Legends around the globe, living on 4 different continents. I’ve worked at almost every level of play - from high school, university, semi-professional, and professional circuits, including contracts to assist organizations at the World Championship. Now, I get the opportunity to work with one of the most innovative and creative broadcasts in the world and begin the next legacy of the EU LCS in the LEC.”

Follow Froskurinn on Twitter: @froskurinn, and Instagram: Froskur1nn



Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain

From: England, UK

"I got into league in the first year of medical school, about when Caitlynn first came out. I was part of a scrim group called ‘Tactically Fabulous’ which I still think is the best name ever. While at university, I'd travel around England casting small LAN tournaments and stay up to cast NA Go4LoLs. After graduating and working for a while as a doctor, I realised that it wasn't for me, and took the plunge into full time casting.

"I just want to remind everyone that the first year I casted EU LCS, Fnatic made Worlds finals. I’m not saying I made it happen, but I’m also not saying I didn’t. "

Follow Medic on Twitter: @MedicCasts and Instagram: MedicCasts



Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere

From: Belgium

"I started covering League of Legends on a freelance basis in 2012, mainly writing articles and shooting videos for SK Gaming. With the start of LCS in 2013 I got picked up by ESL and Riot to be a fulltime host on the brand new format. Since then I've had the pleasure of seeing the scene explode and covering the biggest events all over the world, and it has been a dream come true since day one. This will be my eighth year covering League esports. Wow!”

Follow Sjokz on Twitter @sjokz



Laure "Bulii" Valée

From: France

“I’ve been playing League for seven years now and got interested in competition a short time after starting. I began my career as a writer initially, then as an interviewer. In 2016, French broadcaster O’Gaming called me to host the analyst desk for the World Championship and I’ve been hosting all major events since then. All of these wonderful experiences led me to my very first time on an international broadcast and now my second year as a freelancer interviewer in the LEC.”

“I couldn’t be more excited about 2019! Change is everywhere with new faces, a new brand, crazy rosters and exciting stories for us to discover together! Bring it on LEC 2019, I’m ready for you!”

Follow Laure on Twitter @LaureBuliiV



Christy “Ender” Frierson

From: Los Angeles, USA

“I decided to take a gap year after graduating high school to see if I could make it as a professional shoutcaster. That didn’t happen. I did, however, get hired as a referee for the NA LCS. I was on stage for the very first Chronobreak and travelled to Rio de Janeiro where I stood behind Faker as SKT won MSI. Shortly after, at a Player Lab to test Xayah and Rakan before release, it was suggested that I apply to join Riot’s Playtest Team after dominating in the playtests. I was brought on just before the Urgot rework was released and have worked closely on all new League of Legends content since. After casting in Europe last summer, I went back to LA to work with the playtest team so I could bring some more insight back for 2019!”

Follow Ender on Twitter: @EnderCasts, and Instagram: endercasts



Romain Bigeard

From: France, Europe.

With a Bachelor's in History in one hand, and a Master's in Business in the other, Romain Bigeard started carving a career out of his passions in 2012. His internships at Activision-Blizzard and Razer soon converted to a role as Razer's expert in European esports -- which, in turn, took on a familiar pink hue as he joined LCS team Unicorns of Love in 2015 as Team Manager.

His roles at the time was to run the gamut from brand development and sponsorship activations to his most famous role as team mascot, providing entertainment for Unicorns and EU LCS fans alike. His success then caught the attention of North American esports organization OpTic Gaming, who were building up their League of Legends department in 2017. It took one year for Romain to set up a fully operational work environment in Los Angeles on OpTic's behalf, with a focus on player performance.

Now, as part of Riot’s Business Development Team here in Berlin, Romain's task is to utilize his experiences across both regions to establish a sustainable ecosystem for the newly christened League of Legends European Championship (LEC). His challenges now include improving the operational cost efficiencies, pro team support structures, partner relations, and activation models for the league.

He still plans on showing up at some LEC games once in awhile.. After all, the best esports crowds are here in EU.

Follow Romain on Twitter: @RomainBigeard, and Instagram: romain_bigeard



Dan “Foxdrop” Wyatt

From: England, UK

“After achieving high ranking and playing with the pros in solo queue back in 2012, I decided I’d create a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people get better at League of Legends. Becoming the largest UK League creator and half a decade later, I started a new path - casting. At first, it was just the UK scene, then it was EU Masters and finally, the LEC.

I’ve spent too long being an entertainer that it’s impossible for me to leave the banter and laughs at the door. I mean, I’m English and there’s a Welsh bloke in my squad, what am I supposed to do?

I plan on having lots of fun on broadcast in 2019 and I hope you’ll join me. LEC is gonna be HYPE!!!”

Follow Foxdrop on Twitter: @foxdroplol, YouTube: foxdroplol, and Instagram: foxdroplol