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MSI Day 3: Elimination gambit

On Saturday we’ll find out which team from Group A will make it to the next phase of the tournament.

With three wins at the end of the Thursday clashes, Gambit will face a relatively easy task. All they need is to win a match against Kaos Latin Gamers. Even if the Puerto Rican team won both of their other games and both teams ended the group phase with a 4:2 score, the tie would be resolved in favor of the Russo–Ukrainian crew. If they win another match on top of this one, their promotion will be all but sewn up. On the first day of the tournament, their biggest problems were caused by the Thai Ascension, so nothing indicates that the Latin American teams will turn out to be a bigger threat to Diamondprox and company.

However, miracles do happen in League of Legends. If KLG are in good shape again and don’t give in to Gambit’s pressure, they’ll have a total of five points. This will either force a tie with a playoff or, if CIS stumble and lose another game, the “Rhinos” will leave the group instead of tchem.

There’s still a slight chance that Rainbow7 or Ascension were only building up the tension by losing so many games on Thursday and are preparing to strike their enemies with new force. If one of them gets three points for themselves, and Gambit and KLG lose everything, we’ll have a playoffs festiwal.

Meanwhile in Group B...

After the first day, the situation in Group B looks very familiar: one team won all three games, the second lost all theirs, the third won twice, and the fourth only won once. But let’s down to brass tacks.

The dominators became the Turko–Korean squad of SuperMassive, who cracked their opponents without a hassle, sweeping KaBuM! Esports from the face of the earth in the most one-sided match in the recent history of the tournament. The last time Brazil lost so bad was at the 2014 World Cup. If SUP advance further, it will be worth following the plays of their support SnowFlower, who was sowing terror with Rakan and Thresh.

The big losers were the Japanese crew of Pentagram, who failed to play their dark horse card. Unfortunately, game after game, they continued to be outclassed by their opponents.

Second in the group is Dire Wolfs, who are now in with a chance of advancing to the next stage. In the first game, which they lost to SuperMassive, their top player Chippys received a lot of criticism for his performance on Camille. But he redeemed himself in the next game, when for the first time in the tournament he chose the reworked Irelia. Moments later, his team let him play the Steel Shadow again, this time with success.

KaBuM! only managed to beat Pentagram, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have a big part to play in this tournament.

1. SuperMassive eSports 3:0

2. Dire Wolves 2:1

3. KaBuM! Esports 1:2

4. Pentagram 0:3