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MSI Day 4: The conclusion of the preliminary stage

SuperMassive is the favorite in Group B, but Gambit’s difficulties showed that we can’t take anything for granted. Check out what the chances are for the Group B teams and who’s already earned a pass to the next stage of the tournament.

The Turkish SuperMassive stepped into the MSI like they owned the joint. The TLC is a leading developing region league, but very few expected that their lead over the rest of the group would be this huge. The Turko–Korean crew has gained 3 wins so far, pegging them as the strong favorites as we head into the last day of the group stage. But that’s not all: their victory against KaBuM! e-Sports was a real speed record and shook the foundations of the League world. The Brazilian region, considered to be on par with the Turkish region, crashed and burned with incredible speed. A relatively easy task lies before GBM and company – carry their lead to the finish line, savor the wreaths of victory, and stay in the MSI peloton.

The archrivals of SUP are the Wolves from the OPL. The Asian team started the MSI slightly worse than the Turks, but still firmly stood their ground against them by shielding their Nexus from waves of assault for 32 whole minutes. It’s hard to judge if they’ll win the group, but the odds aren’t completely against them. The Wolves did manage to sink their teeth into both KaBuM! and Pentagram. The Turkish wall is definitely higher, but not impossible to jump over. Do you support Dire Wolves in their clash with SuperMassive?

The biggest and saddest surprise of the group stage is probably KaBuM!’s attitude. The Brazilian organization became famous around the world after their spectacular victory against the mighty Alliance, and even though those were different times and a different team, that region is still considered a threat. KaBuM! finds itself in a very difficult situation, but the 2014 Worlds showed that miracles sometimes favor players from South America. Will we witness it at this year’s MSI?

Meanwhile in Group A…

While the Turkish SuperMassive siege weapon rolls in the direction of the knockout phase of the MSI, we have some conclusions from Group A.

The third day started with quite a surprise when favorites Gambit lost a point to Ascension Gaming. The Thai organization began the tournament with a spectacular nosedive, but it seems they decided to start the second day of clashes with a completely new dynamic. First they held Gambit and their fans in suspense for 30 minutes, just so they could keep dismantling the group favorites step by step for the whole world to see. Vladimir in the hands of their midlaner G4 was unstoppable, and the legendary Russian organization tasted the bitterness of defeat for the first time.

The next blows were dealt by Rainbow7. The second worst crew in the group dealt a heavy blow to Kaos Latin Gamers, drawing even with them matches won. But the day belonged to Diamondprox and his crew. The turbulence of their first clash with ASC didn’t stop them from maintaining the advantage they earned on day one. Kaos Latin Gamers were mere shadows of themselves and didn’t even last 30 minutes against Gambit (as expected) or even against Ascension. The Russian team, known for its rich history, gave its fans another spectacular show and a true festival of emotions. The nearly 50-minute spectacle ended in triumph and Gambit advancing to the next stage. Diamondprox managed to prove that truly legends never die.

1. Gambit Esports 5:1

2. Rainbow7 3:3

3. Kaos Latin Gamers 2:4

4. Ascension Gaming 2:4