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Preview of the fifth day of Mid-Season Invitational 2018: The last chance for promotion

The last day of the MSI Group Stage is ahead of us and only one team can rest easy.

Although it turned out on Monday, that Flash Wolves can bleed, with six wins they have a guaranteed place in the semi-finals. On Friday they will face both Team Liquid, which counts every point, and Kingzone DragonX, which needs only one victory. Can they afford a moment of relaxation and experimentation, or will they decide to fight as normal? Though 10:0 score is already out of reach, nobody in Taiwan would take offense at 8:2.

Uzi and the rest of Royal Never Give Up will also continue the search for one point. It should be easy because on Thursday they will face two teams from the bottom of the table: Team Liquid and EVOS Esports. If somehow they won’t make it, they would be forced to count on their rivals and possible playoffs.


Much more work awaits Fnatic. After the Monday’s defeat against Team Liquid they have to, basically, count on themselves: only two wins will guarantee them the promotion. Their opponents will be Kingzone DragonX and EVOS, teams they already defeated once.

Meanwhile in the American camp, hope still lives on. After the terrible first two days, when Team Liquid couldn’t win a single game, came Sunday with a single victory, and then Monday, when Doublelift’s team bested both EVOS and Fnatic. If they win their Tuesday games, they can force playoffs and keep on fighting for the promotion. This task is pretty hard because they will fight two teams from the top of the table: Flash Wolves and RNG. However we need to remember that they already won against RNG once.

Here are the games of the fifth day with the most interesting ones bolded by me:

  • Fnatic vs Kingzone DragonX (11:00 CEST)

  • EVOS Esports vs Royal Never Give Up (12:00 CEST)

  • Flash Wolves vs Team Liquid (13:00 CEST)

  • Fnatic vs. EVOS (14:00 CEST)

  • Flash Wolves vs Kingzone DragonX (15:00 CEST)

  • Team Liquid vs Royal Never Give Up (16:00 CEST)

Hunt for the pack – fourth day of MSI in short

For the last three days, everyone kept asking themselves the same question: “Are Flash Wolves really as unbeatable as they look like? Will we have a repeat from the Taipei Assasins 2012?”. It turned out, that wolves are not as scary as we thought.

First, the unbeatable were beaten by Fnatic in an exciting match, which proved that in the League of Legends the kill count doesn’t tell everything about the situation in the game. Taiwanese team did all it could to get rid of Caps and dominate the early game, however Rekkles’ squad succeeded in capturing objectives and tightening the siege around the enemy base.

Bwipo mentioned before the match, that the strongest parts of Fnatic are currently Caps and Broxah and those words were truly prophetic. The “orange team” tried to stretch the enemies and capture their turrets, while they were occupied by dancing around the Baron. But what else you can do, when Flash Wolves get on the purple monster? It turns out, that the solution is terribly easy: you just have to have in your team Broxah, who will steal it from under the Moojin’s nose. And then the second time. These two plays kept Fnatic in the game and eventually granted them victory.

After such a spectacular win, it seemed that beating Team Liquid will be just a formality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rekkles and his team looked on Monday like two different teams and Team Liquid was very determined to not leave the tournament as quickly as some wished for. Whatever plan Fnatic had, it didn’t work out at all. Because of the Hylissang’s mistake at the start of the game, TL took the initiative and European team had a hard nut to crack on how to engage them in a fight. Despite few successful fights, they couldn't regain the initiative, so the transatlantic match ended up with a tie 1:1. EU = NA?

Team Liquid

A little earlier, Flash Wolves, still stunned after the loss, stood against RNG, warmed up by the game with Kingzone. For the Wolves’ fans, it wasn't a pleasant match. Uzi, despite ending the previous match with a 12/0/5, again got his hands on Kai’sa and reminded everybody why it’s good to ban her against him. Yikes.

Results of the fourth day:

Kingzone DragonX vs Royal Never Give Up
Fnatic vs Flash Wolves
EVOS Esports vs Team Liquid
Royal Never Give Up vs. Flash Wolves
Kingzone DragonX vs EVOS Esports
Team Liquid vs Fnatic