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New season, old leader. A summary of LEC Week 2!

The contenders for the throne have duelled for dominance at the top of the table very early in the season, as it was only Week 2. Which team has emerged victorious?


Are G2 back? It seems that the Samurais never left in the first place! We’ve almost forgotten about the European champions’ poor play during the inaugural weekend because their following games, as was the case last year, were a spectacular mixture of dominance, strength, and a whole lot of fun – all of which turned out to be the perfect recipe for taking the Rift by storm. G2 don’t just win. They do so in creative, entertaining ways that win over the hearts of experts and European fans alike. This week, it was Vitality and Origen who fell at the hands of Perkz. G2 brought the first game to an end swiftly and ruthlessly – 15:1, with amazing performances all around by their mid laner, AD carry, and jungler. It seems that their old strategy is new again, and it might just stick around for a while. Of course, we’re talking about Wunder’s Soraka, which he chose for both games last week. G2’s match versus the previously-undefeated Origen proved to be a bit more difficult, but aside from a light mid-game blow, G2 looked to have the game under control. Perkz was in the forefront yet again as he decimated his enemies with the power of a fed LeBlanc. This Croatian star earned a second Player of the Game title this split, confirming that sending him back to the mid lane was a great decision.


Right behind the current European champions – and sole leaders in the rankings – a pack is forming. Rogue, Origen, and Fnatic all share the number two spot. The first two of these teams traded blows this weekend and Origen remained at the top, at least until Sunday. This Spanish organisation has been phenomenal at dealing with their rivals so far, assuming their rivals are not the unstoppable G2. Rogue only lost one point this Saturday, but in all previous matches, they’ve maintained a pretty good level of play. Hans Sama’s presence has definitely bolstered their line-up, and they’re looking like top-3 contenders at the moment. Out of all the teams caught in the second-place deadlock, Fnatic look the most impressive. They had a pretty rough start, but their significant progress since then cannot be denied. Selfmade continues to improve in his new environment, but it’s the Swedish AD carry, Rekkles, who’s consistently been in the limelight for years. Having played four matches, Rekkles has a KDA of 43 and over 87% kill participation! These absurdly high stats are also reflected in Fnatic’s average game time. The former European champions usually end their games in less than 30 minutes, even beating out G2 in this regard!


Teams desperate to keep up with the previously mentioned group are either new to the European scene or consist of new players. MAD Lions, the refreshed Misfits, and the YoungBuck-lead Excel all have yet to find their place in the crowded LEC battleground. The players struggle not only with their challenging opposition but also with the difficulties that stem from inexperienced newcomers having to synergise with mature veterans under one banner. However, Misfits are achieving this synergy with more success. Besides Fnatic and G2, they are the only team that hasn’t lost a point in Week 2. Though their victories weren’t free from nerves or mistakes, a better showing is a great sign for Misfits to end the split with a respectable position in the standings.


After two weeks of the LEC, SK Gaming, Vitality and Schalke are at the very bottom of the table, with a multitude of problems.While SK weren’t particularly lucky with their matches, as they had to face Fnatic, G2, and Misfits, the other two squads simply look miserable in comparison to the rest. Vitality suffer from not being able to field their designated mid laner, since Milica is still without a visa. He could potentially breathe new life into the crumbling team, but if and when that happens, will it be too late? Schalke’s start has also been incredibly disappointing. This Gelsenkirchen-based team has done well in previous seasons, and now, strengthened by the legendary FORG1VEN, they were projected by many to rise even more highly in the rankings. The Greek superstar is trying his best, of course, but until he gets back in top shape, it falls to Abbedagge to carry the games. On average, the German mid laner deals 37.5% of his team’s damage and if nothing changes, Schalke 04 will have their work cut out for them to even get into the playoffs.

Which game did you enjoy the most?
How do you rate Rekkles’ performance a week before his grand battle against G2?
And what do Schalke and Vitality have to do to bounce back?

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