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Rekkles: “I think I’ll get MVP... but Caps deserves it as well.”

A few days before the grand final, we managed to talk with Rekkles about the most recent split, prizes, and other teams playing in the playoffs.

For many years there has been a lot of pressure on Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. As one of the key members of Fnatic, he often finds himself leading a team with a reputation that requires a lot of effort to uphold. During the last splits he give his all, earning individual merits, but his team was missing something. And now comes the time to once again make history. Rekkles and Fnatic have one last step to take. On Sunday in Copenhagen they will face G2 in a match for the European league cup as well as entry into the prestigious MSI.

We leaped at the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Fnatic had a slow start this split. What did you change as a team to gain momentum?

I don’t think we made any major changes after struggling during the opening weeks, but rather trusted the process that our manager Joey and coach Dylan put in place.

You have a chance to defend your MVP title from last summer's split. Do you think you will? Who else deserves it according to you?

I think I’ll get MVP because I’ve played one of my best splits to date, but Caps deserves it as well.


You've played 2 weeks each patch this regular split. Which one was your favorite and why?

The Unsealed Spellbook “meta” was cool, but unhealthy. I think the most recent patch is the best yet.

Bwipo made a really good but also really late debut for himself. Did you consider him ready to sub for sOAZ in the semis?

We considered using both Bwipo and sOAZ for the playoffs, which is why we gave Bwipo some stage time beforehand.

“I thought that Schalke and Misfits would be stronger”

Martin „Rekkles” Larsson

Who was your toughest opponent this split?

Weirdly enough, Misfits. I think Hans Sama and Mikyx were really good regardless of results.

What do you think about this year's playoffs attendants? Are you surprised about who advanced?

I thought FC Schalke 04 and Misfits would be better and Vitality worse, otherwise it was as expected.

How do you feel about teams banning 5 champions against you? Do you consider it a valid strategy?

Definitely. I think it’s been pretty clear that I’ll carry when I get my hands on a champion like Tristana, so it makes sense for teams to put me on tier 2 or tier 3 picks.


What are your thoughts on upcoming changes to the EU LCS format – the long-term partnership and so on. Do you think it's a good change?

I think it’s a great change. I’m excited to be a part of our region’s growth.

Any closing words to your fans?

It took me long enough to bring this team to another Finals, but the continuous belief that I’m the right guy for the job made it a lot easier. Thank you.

Are you cheering for Rekkles and Fnatic in the upcoming Finals?

Let us know who you support and who will become the champions of Spring Split 2018!