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Take a closer look at the Euphoria painting!

We interviewed Wandakun about the incredibly detailed painting she created for the Euphoria podcast. Here's what she had to say!


For personal non-commercial use only. Click for full resolution!

There's so much going on here! Can you describe all the details in this painting?

Sure! Going from left to right:

  • Poro Kai'Sa: I wanted to include some of the new, important champions that we saw in EU LCS this year and Kai'Sa was one of my favourites!
  • Hot Dog Drakos: Because of the costume he wore at the Spring Finals in Copenhagen this year. He's also sitting in a giant inflatable pool donut, like the ones I drew in my Pool Party Zoe and Caitlyn illustrations.
  • Moustache Poro on Drakos's shoulder: This was originally going to be Poro-Sjokz, because I love turning people into Poros- as you can see from Poro Medic just below! But I decided to add her at the bottom taking a selfie with Foxdrop instead.
  • Laure Valée is trying to interview Jiizuke but he won't stop singing!
  • Zoe's another influential champion from this year, and although she's polarising she's one of my favs. I love drawing her, her design is super adorable!
  • Cherub Vedius... he's THE BEST. I mean, I have no words for this. He was my favourite to draw, I had so much fun with his face and pose!
  • YamatoCannon and Quickshot from the Sumo competition, but they're also wearing suits (as always!)
  • Also the EU>NA message is very important!
  • Odoamne kissing KaSing was one of the cutest interview moments ever
  • Hot Dog Deficio: Honestly drawing this was a huge honour, as I love Scandinavia and 7-11 Hot dogs!
  • Tristana and Rekkles doing a high-five because of his Pentakill
  • Jankos is reliving his Braum trama while thinking that Moustache-Bwipo looks like him (aka, the best champion in the game)
  • In the bottom right corner we have Pira and Ender, and Ender is holding a Misfits Rabbit saying "Top to Bot", a reference from Mic Check!
  • The last detail is King Kong Gnar climbing the Berlin tower!

Did you get all the references?

Can you tell us about your painting process?

I got really hyped when I was told to use The Creation of Adam as a main reference, because I really wanted to create the biggest EU LCS 2K18 meme! It was hard to figure out where to put all the people that appear in the drawing, since there were so many, but I had the picture clear in my head so I started sketching it up right away. Also, picking whether to go for a cartoonish or realistic style was tricky. They're all real people and I find it harder to draw real people than fictional characters, since people need to actually recognise the people I draw!

How long did it take you to paint?

I started at the end of July and finished at the end of August. There were a few days I didn't work on the drawing, but I'd spend that time looking for references or preparing in other ways... in total it took me over 24 hours! I also recorded the process so we could make a speed painting video.

What kind of tools did you use?

I use Photoshop and mostly the default brushes, some people asked me this question recently on my social media and yeah, I love the default PS brushes! I must say I have a lot of them installed, ones that I bought or some that I made myself, but I rarely use them... I think that is something I should change!

How long have you been an artist for?

I have been drawing since I was little, I have lots of photos of me as a three year old drawing everywhere in my little notebook! I did my bachelor degree in art for two years and then an illustration grade for another two years. I learned a lot of traditional drawing techniques from those that have been useful! 

Any closing words?

I've been really nervous about this painting, I hope that people like it and find all the little references funny! And of course thank you to all the people behind this project, I hope we can make cool stuff in the future. I gotta keep improving!


You can find Wandakun's art on Instagram, Twitter and on ArtStation. She'll also be at the LCS Finals in Madrid where she'll be handing out little drawings to everyone who says hi to her!