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A New Approach For EU LCS Roadshows

TL;DR We’re changing the way locations are selected for EU LCS roadshows. We’ll be accepting pitches from European cities who believe they can host a great event, and selecting locations for the next four roadshows by the end of the year.

Selecting a city to host the EU LCS Finals is no easy task. There’s a huge list of requirements for any venue and city that need to be taken into account before we can plan an event worthy of the pros and fans that are looking forward to it. When we start our search for a venue, we need to immediately think about the availability of venues that can accommodate our show and its specific technical needs - from internet infrastructure to local production staff. On top of that, we also need to consider capacity, transport options, hotel options, whether there’s a big local League playerbase and so much more.

We know we haven’t always been timely when announcing roadshow locations, which makes it extremely difficult to plan a trip if you’re hoping to attend. We want to change that, and make our events better than they’ve ever been before. As we move forward into 2019, and work to make the league more sustainable, we want to make a long-term commitment to everyone involved in our events - from fans to teams to sponsors, by having locations and venues locked in for the next four roadshows by the end of this year. In order to do that, we’re going to start partnering more effectively with cities across Europe.

Partnering with cities - let’s work together

EU LCS Finals are much more than just a competitive event. Wherever we go, thousands of fans come together to celebrate passion for their sport, their team and their community. We’ve taken a look at our data, and a huge amount of you travel from outside the event city to come to our events - sometimes from VERY far away. This makes it all the more critical that we are able to provide fans with longer planning windows, and continue to produce events that are memorable and entertaining for everyone involved. EU LCS Finals are more than just what goes on inside the venue, which is why, moving forward, our goal is to work directly with cities as partners to deliver the best EU LCS experience possible for everyone attending our events.

For EU LCS Spring/Summer Finals in 2019 and 2020, we’re planning to work directly with cities across Europe who can bring their support and event expertise and love of esports to help us create something truly memorable for locals and visitors. We took inspiration from traditional sports, where potential cities are asked to ‘pitch’ what they could help achieve if their city is selected to host an EU LCS Final. Esports events are on the same scale as major sporting events, and it’s our goal to partner with cities who can provide that same level of attention and support. By working directly with cities, we want venues that are the best fit for our sport, create sponsorship opportunities for EU LCS partners and city partners, and showcase our esports fandom across the entire city for the weekend. 

We are in contact with over 300 cities in Europe, and we’ve received promising feedback so far. Our aim is to have host cities locked for the next 4 EU LCS roadshows by the end of the year and to announce the 2019 Spring/Summer Finals locations at the start of next year. As always, we want your feedback on where you’d like to see EU LCS Finals in the future, and what would help make them events to remember. Drop us a line in the comments and let us know - and stay tuned for more news about upcoming roadshows!