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Ask a Mid Laner

Ever wanted to pick the brain of a mid laner? The community sent in questions and we had some of the mids from the EU LCS give their answers

Using the hashtag #askamidlaner, the community sent in questions for the EU LCS mid laners. We spoke to Exileh, PowerOfEvil, Fox, Ryu and Betsy to get some answers.



@lukas42simon: What do you think about Ahri and her possible matchups. Who is good against her?

At the moment Ahri’s in a good spot but there are better champions than her. I really like to play her myself sometimes in solo queue, but I feel like she is really ulti-reliant. If you don’t have your ulti, you can’t make plays, and this is a big control point for her. There are also other champions with similar playstyles that can do the same without spending too many resources.

@Zinkiee: Which Champion is the most fun to play, and why?

For me the most fun to play champion is probably Azir, because he has a lot of playmaking potential and he’s also a difficult champion, so you constantly have things you can improve on. That’s an important factor to me in a pick I want to master

@BBMoose33: Would you rather be a initiator mid like Lissandra or mid who hangs back like Varus or Viktor?

I like to play mages that can initiate and do impossible plays but most of the time I look for a mid lane pick who can outplay the opponent, get an objective and then snowball.

@Robertklanj: How much influence does mid lane have in the current meta?

In the current competitive meta, mid lane has a lot of influence. If you have enough pressure in the mid lane, you can easily roam with your jungler or support through the enemy jungle and take objectives, which is really important for the team to be able snowball the game.

Power of Evil


@DKoebis: What do you think are the 5 strongest mid picks in patch 6.12

I think the 5 strongest picks are Azir, Viktor, Ryze, Vladimir and Karma.

Azir and Viktor are both winning games in every region so it’s a 50-50 match up, where It’s a lot about skill, and which team composition is better. Both of them apply a lot of map pressure, have team fight potential, and both are really strong.

Karma is just a really great flex pick, and you can do the same with Ryze as a top lane flex pick. You can engage with Ryze, you can push out the sidelanes with him and his biggest strength is that it’s difficult to miss your spells - opponents can’t really dodge them and it’s a really reliable damage source, which you sometimes don’t have with Karma if you miss your Q.

The strongest thing about Vladimir is that he nearly wins every match-up in the early game up until 3-4 items. He can sustain against pretty much every champion and he can one-shot people if he goes for the new item builds. His weakness can come after around 5-6 items when the enemy AD Carry builds an Executioner’s Calling, it makes it really hard to play him.

@JohnMSimpson: When is the best time to roam to another lane?

The best time to roam is when you’ve pushed out mid lane. Poking the other mid laner won’t get yourself or your team anything and if you know you can’t really damage the enemy turret, then the two best things to do are either to ward out with your jungler (because warding alone is risky - you can get caught face-checking the enemy jungler and die), or rotate to another lane with your Jungler and maybe look for a dive, but this is mostly suited to assassin champions or Ryze who can go can go into the sidelanes. I wouldn’t look for too many roaming opportunities as an Azir because you don’t want to lose your mid lane outer turret and don’t even want to trade it. The longer you can keep your outer turret alive is the strongest option for your team.

@dr4chen: Do you prefer to play more as a carry mid or a utility mid that focuses around your team?

It depends on every game; I would say I’m a team player because I don’t mind playing champions that my team needs me to play, like a Karma or Lulu mid. It’s obviously not too much fun if you just power up your AD Carry. I also like to play champions like Azir or Viktor who have a lot of damage and you can carry team fights, not really alone but with good positioning they can deal a lot of AOE damage and look for burst damage on the opposing AD Carry or tanks. They also have a lot of vision because you sit on the backline, so you can make calls on when to go back out of a fight, when to kite, who to focus etc. I think it’s definitely one of my strengths to stay back, have vision, and make calls during teamfights.



@DKoebis: What do you think are the 5 strongest mid picks in patch 6.12?

Azir, Viktor, Ryze, Vladimir and Swain. Azir has everything, super strong late game potential and he can’t get out scaled. Generally good wave clear and a strong lane phase.

@AlexKun97: What do you think is the most important things a new mid lane player should be focused on?

I think the biggest thing to focus on is last hitting, and not being tempted to roam without pushing out your lane.

@JohnMSimpson: When is the best time to roam to another lane?

The best time to roam is when you push out your lane and the enemy is in base, so you have a free roam.



@iCyberBlader: @lolesports who are the top 3 western mid laners in your opinion?

Perkz, Febiven, and me. Mostly due to good laning phases and teamfighting.

@Robertklanj: How much influence does mid lane have in the current meta?

I think this meta is really important to mid, if someone is losing their lane in mid then their team will likely lose the whole map. So I definitely think this meta is really important to mid.



@Castle_Wars: What are the proper times to freeze lane? When would you push and how do you CS under tower with low attack damage/attack speed champs (i.e. LeBlanc)?

The proper times to freeze lane is when you have a minor disadvantage in minions while being stronger than your opponent. In this case, if the opponent tries to unfreeze the wave you can punish him due to being stronger. Pushing in this meta is mostly more effective though. When you struggle with last hitting under tower always prepare the ranged minions. Minions can tank 1 tower hit and 2 autoattacks in most cases. While melee minions have aggro of the tower, prepare the ranged minions by auto attacking them once each.

@bitternedan: Do you ever think that assassins will come back to the power that they had a few years ago?

No. They struggle too much in lane and if you don't snowball in lane you fall off quickly as an assassin. Short and simple, assassins are not that bad - there are just so many stronger picks.

@CatEffff: What satisfies you in playing mid?

What I enjoy about being a Mid laner is first of all the diversity of the lane. The champion pool you are able to pull off in mid is only limited by your knowledge and skills. The fact that you are also able to affect other lanes and have a big impact on the game makes the role exciting and never-ending fun.

@Zinkiee: Which champion is the most fun to play, and why?

My favorite champion at the moment is Swain. I enjoy playing him in solo queue and he fits in almost any composition.