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Ask A Top Laner

Across the last week we’ve been bombarded with tweets quizzing the Top players in Europe with questions from the community. During Top Lane week, we let all of you join the action by tweeting in your questions using #AskATopLaner. Here are some of the best questions, and the answers that we received!


@ Ale_Reyes13: Are there any good AP top laners, that are good for solo queue but bad for competitive?

“Akali is great in solo queue! After the first few levels she can snowball really quickly. She has insane burst and outplay potential with strong scaling in the mid game.”


- Satorius, Origen



@Raquel_LJC:  What top lane champions are the safest to blind pick in Solo Queue?

“In solo queue you can blind pick  any champion you are comfortable playing and have practiced on, because in solo queue you usually won't get punished like you should and the pick will work.”


- Phaxi, ROCCAT



@halftroll0: How do you toplane melee vs ranged and not get shut out?

“Depends a lot on matchups, but generally the melee champion has a gapcloser or push power. In the early game the ranged champion will have stat advantage over you so you can't really do much early game except try to pick up CS without getting poked too much and on your first base you might become stronger just because your base stats will start getting better than his.


You should also consider Doran's  Shield as a starting item or Corrupting Potion, and if lane is still hard you can always try to get a base off at around 500g mark and buy another early game item (e.g. Doran's Blade+Doran’s Shield, Doran’s Blade+Corrupting potion).


I'll give an example with say, Irelia vs Kennen. Kennen will bully Irelia really hard early game and the Irelia side has to look for opportunities to Q on a minion and try to get some poke on Kennen, usually these sort of lanes are really fragile for the ranged match-ups and will start getting punished soon, once Irelia will base for 2x Doran's Blade, or Shield+Blade and getting some MR or just some HP it starts getting really hard for the Kennen because Irelia's base damages and stats will get way higher than Kennen's.”

- Odoamne, H2K



@realwjs: Can Irelia slip back into the meta with the recent Fervor and BOTRK buffs?

“I doubt Irelia will slip back into the meta despite recent small buffs to fervor and botrk as she doesn't work well as a blind pick due to many currently meta tops being good into her, such as Renekton or Nautilus.


Irelia has typically worked as a counter pick to squishier top champs such as Gangplank or Gnar, neither of which are seeing much play at the moment, and especially not blind.


On top of all this, teamfighting for Irelia is also very difficult due to current support champions, like Karma or Tahm Kench, being able to deny what Irelia is best at - diving the enemy squishies.”

- Alphari, Misfits



@lolPerplex: How can you beat Camille in your lane?

“When playing a tank into Camille, I try to push up the lane and gain vision or roam. Renekton also works against her in lane, but you struggle later game. The best choice is just to ban her!”

- Expect, G2


@BlackAlready: How do you transition your lead from top lane to the rest of the map without sacrificing your lane?

“It depends of the state of the map, you can't possibly lose nothing top if both tier 1 turrets are up, so usually it's a trade unless you can get 1st tower and kills for your teleport. Early game if you have any type of crowd control and advantage top you can easily transfer it to midlane depending on the way the lane is pushing. For later in the game ideally you just want to push the sidewave until the middle part of the map and roam to your team to give them pressure and take away enemy vision.”


- sOAZ, Fnatic



@Shyorus: How's flaxxish so hot?

“It’s all due to my Pizza and Kebab diet.”


- Flaxxish, Giants




Well whether you want to tighten up your top lane, or tighten up your waistline, we’ve got your covered. Wise words Flaxxish, wise words.

And with that, we close out top lane week. Do you want to see more themed weeks like these? Let us know in the comments below.