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Backchat Podcast arrives on iTunes

With episode three of the Backchat Podcast landing on the airwaves, there is now a new way to listen to the banter- on iTunes.

Hey you, esports fans! For the past few weeks, we've been diving inside the minds of our favorite pro players here in EU, digging for the finest and freshest thoughts, discussing everything from cheesy League strats to chess duels, gym schedules and gaming houses. Yet for all you loyal listeners, there has only been one way to catch the weekly banter, on our launch platform SoundCloud.
So, it is my greatest pleasure to announce that we have officially launched on iTunes! You can check out our most recent episode with Fnatic's sOAZ and Broxah (as well as all previous episodes) here, and of course, still preview each episode on Youtube, animations courtesy of @TBSkyen.


That's all for now- don't forget to hit that subscribe button on iTunes, or throw us a like on Soundcloud/Youtube if you'd like to see more - and we'll see you next time on the Backchat Podcast!