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Behind the Stream – On-Air Talent

Behind the Stream is a mini-documentary series to give you, the fans, a chance to see what goes into the EU LCS broadcast.

In Episode One, we’re giving you a glimpse into the week’s worth of prep that went into the Spring Split Week 8 stream.

To help give the fans some context to what’s on the screen, from the story meeting to the show going live, we asked Devin “Piratechnics” Younge a few questions about the preparations from his perspective.


Is there already a 'story' in place when you sit down for the round table?

Piratechnics: The Story Meeting is where the ideas and stories of the week are brought forth and fleshed out, but typically each caster comes prepared with a few of our own to present.

Do many casters use games from other regions to practice like Drakos and Medic do with LCK games?

Piratechnics: We like to use different regions to teamfight practice cast because we are less likely to know ahead of time how the specific fight goes. They way, we can test our ability to call things on the fly, rather than recall something we've seen.

How much freedom do you all have to go off script?

Piratechnics: We can go off script if it's not a mission critical message, like the nature of a pause, or something like that.

Are your wardrobes provided by Riot or do you choose from your own clothing?

Piratechnics: The wardrobe is a mix of things that have been acquired by us or stylists we've used over the years. We can always ask to bring our own clothes, but we usually have enough

We see Drakos doing pronunciation exercises before going on stage. What is your pre-broadcast tradition?

Piratechnics: For myself, nothing beats putting down my notes once I'm satisfied with my prep, and putting on 'Uptown Funk' on my headphones as I walk out to the desk.


Tune in next week as Behind the Stream gives you a look at the production supporting the EU LCS.