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Betsy: “Perkz isn’t the best in the west. I think Nukeduck is better.”

Felix "Betsy" Edling is the mid laner for Giants, and after locking in Veigar early against G2 he went 6/0/6. We spoke to him about his win, preparing for the split and how he rates other EU mids.

How did you prepare for Spring Split?

We were kind of late to move into the gaming house compared to other teams. We also had pretty bad internet in the beginning so we didn’t have that much practice. The internet would work almost all day but there would be about three hours where we couldn’t really play. About a week and a half ago we fixed it, and now our internet is really good and stable. Also, practice has been going really well and right now we’re winning 90% of our scrims.

What would you do when the internet was down?

We’d just chill and watch series and do normal stuff, you know? I’ve been watching documentaries lately, but I was also watching Vikings and Game of Thrones.

Your old team ROCCAT are known as Kingslayersbut now on Giants you’re also taking down big names like G2. Are you the Kingslayer or was this a mentality you learned on ROCCAT?

I want to think that it’s me, but I don’t notice a difference from when I’m playing against a good team or a bad team. I guess the pressure’s on G2, so for me I just need to playing normal and stay calm.

Do you think the big teams are underestimating you?

Yeah, I mean our team was kind of handpicked from the players that were left and not picked up by LCS teamsso everyone thinks we’re not good. But I think we have a lot of underrated players, and that’s kind of showing right now. We just need to keep up our performanceit’s not done from just beating G2.


Djoko being interviewed after Giant's victory against G2

Who do you think is the most underrated on your team?

Djoko for sure. He got so much hate last split but I think he’s really skilled. He just has some tilt issues but either from that he’s probably the best jungler I’ve played with. He’s just there when you need him. You can call him to mid and he’ll come, and he also makes his own decisions. He’s always there to help everyone, and that’s really important as a midlaner because you impact the whole map. So if he’s there for you, you can help bot lane and top lane. So overall he’s just a really aggressive and helpful jungler and he helps you with whatever you want.


What made you decide to leave ROCCAT and join Giants?

Mostly the roster; it’s better, and I always kind of wanted to play with an aggressive Jungler, and Djoko fits that role perfectly. He’s easy going and I had been talking to him before I joined. I’m close to everyone on the team. I already knew Steeelback from Gambit and ROCCAT, and we were really close friends on those teams. Ruin is very mature and being with him is easy, and in game it’s pretty relaxed. Tagarmas is also pretty chill as a person and in game he trolls a bit sometimes, but it’s all cool. He’s not talking very much because he’s new in the scene, but I was the same before, so I think it’s completely fine because we have good communication. Overall, I think joining Giants turned out great, I got a fresh start and I like it so far.

It sounds like you, Steeelback and Djoko are close.

Yeah. Steeelback, Djoko and I are the jokers on the team. We have a lot of inside jokes, like there’s things we repeat over and over… like the phrase “I guess” and a lot of different things. It’s just funny because it’s us, you know? It wouldn’t be funny for other people, but it’s good to have a friendship that you can say stuff and it’s funny just for you.


Tonight was the first time we’ve seen Skarner in any of the big 5 Leagues. Why do you think he’s only just been seen this week?

He got buffed about two weeks ago, so people didn’t have time to practice it. But now some people are picking it up. We’ve actually never scrimmed against it until earlier today, so we never expected to see it. But when every Jungler is banned, Skarner is a good one to play into Sejuani because he’s also tanky and he can get good picks. Everyone’s been looking for a counter to Sejuani, and there wasn’t really a good one. People have been playing Zac, but Sejuani can stop his jump. So Skarner is good into her.


Giants locked in Veigar as soon as they saw G2 took Azir

You locked in Veigar very earlywhy was that?

We had a plan: we knew they would pick Azir because he’s such a contested pick, so we knew we would go Veigar. We recently scrimmed a team that’s not in LCS and they picked Veigar into us when I was playing Azir. At first I didn’t think it was that good, but I occasionally had trouble in lane with it, so I tried it out myself. Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it doesn’t. But when it goes well, you can control the team fights pretty easily with this champion.

Do you think Veigar is viable in solo queue?

It’s not a champion you want to blind pick, because in solo queue people play all types of assassins and anything can kill him. But against Azir, you can pick him and freely scale so you can be strong in team fights.

What runes do you use on Veigar?


Gathering Storm is really good for LCS, because the games usually go late and it stacks with his AP. But it depends in solo queue, and I think Manaflow Band is good because you lane all the time and you win off of lane. But in LCS you need Gathering Storm.

In the Veigar-Azir matchup, you usually want to get to base on a cannon wave. So if you use your Minion Dematerializer, just kill the big minion, push out, then base and TP back and you’re fine in lane for pretty much the rest of the game.

You took down Perkz todaysome analysts say he’s the best EU midlaner. Did you expect the lane to go that well against him?

The lane was a bit toughit’s supposed to be a bit toughbut Perkz isn’t the best in the west. I think Nukeduck is better than him because I have a tougher time playing against him. I don’t think Perkz played that well today. Usually playing against Perkz is pretty chill because he’s a such a chill person, so I feel like in the game, I see him laughing and you know and he’s just chill to play against. So maybe that’s why we beat him often. I know he’s taking it serious, but he’s just really chill about it and that makes me chill for some reason, you know?

Betsy and Perkz

Betsy shaking Perkz's hand after defeating G2 during EU LCS Week 2

How would you rank the mid laners in EU right now?

Excluding myself… Nukeduck, Perkz, Caps, Jiizuke, Blanc, Sencux, Nisqy, Exileh and Caedrel.

I feel like Nukeduck is better than Perkz because I have a harder time playing against him. Pride is kind of a selfish jungler and farms a lot, so if Nukeduck performs well I’ll be really impressed. I think Nukeduck is way less dependent on his Jungler in comparison to Perkz. Perkz kind of needed Trick to perform, and now he has Jankos who is also an aggressive ganking jungler so I think he’s more dependent on that in comparison to Nukeduck.

I think Caps got worse… he was extremely skilled before. In his first LCS split, I would have ranked him as first, but I think he’s fallen off. I think Jiizuke is playing really well right now. I think he’s playing way more than everyone else, which is why he’s becoming so good.

You are playing against H2K tomorrow who took down Fnatic last week. How do you think it will go?

Anything can happen on stagebut I’m pretty confident going into the game and I think that’s all that matters. I’m just going to play and see how it goes, but I’m pretty confident in our lineup.


Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

Thanks for sticking around for so long and supporting me, especially for the supporters that followed me from ROCCAT to Giants. I need it right now and I’m really happy that people have been sticking around.

You can follow Betsy on Twitter @Betsy_LoL and his team Giants on @GiantsGaming.

Betsy and Giants take on H2K on Saturday January 27th in the opening match of the day. Tune in on watch.lolesports.com to catch the action.