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Big Plays from the MSI 2016 Group Stage

It’s been a loaded week here at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational. The new double Round Robin format has coughed up some insane back-and forth between regions as they fought for a top four seed at Worlds 2016.

We wanted to relive the biggest plays from the tournament thus far -- so we caught up with our team of casters and hosts (both here and back home) to see what their thoughts were on the tournament's trends and biggest plays of Week 1.

Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere​


“This isn’t so much a play, but I think it’s something worth noting. The coolest thing about this tournament in general is that it’s incredibly open. People underestimated China and didn’t know what to expect based on their recent trends on the Worlds stage, and RNG have done fantastic. Similarly, no one expected CLG to do this good, or NA as region. But CLG have adapted through the tournament. Flash Wolves are no longer an underdog and have grabbed their chance to win with both hands, and are now a contender to win the whole thing. We have no idea where this is going to go and it is probably the most diverse tournament we’ve had in two seasons.”

Trevor “Quickshot” Henry

“Favorite moments? Let’s go with Game 1 of the tournament where Huhi was playing Aurelion Sol and pushing down middle lane with the very first Starsurge -- it was absolutely massive! Then, in the rematch, when they were down 17K gold, watching everyone go huge. Xmithie was finding the teamfights, Stixxay and Huhi stepped up and they came back from a 17k gold deficit is unheard of and they won being down 5k gold.”

Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels

“Biggest play of the tournament so far has been the turning Baron stall fight from CLG vs. SKT where Aphromoo successfully defends the Baron while Stixxay is kinda trolling around hitting Baron first and then realizing they can still win the fight. It was a three man Tornado and a two man Janna ult that splits the fight in half. They heal a little bit, it buys enough time and Stixxay picks up a triple kill. I think it was indicative of Aphromoo’s Janna play that game and generally CLG’s solid peeling and teamfights for Stixxay. It exemplifies why they’ve been doing so well.”​

James "Stress" O'Leary

One of the most memorable plays for me was the Quadra Kill Stixxay got on Caitlyn vs. RNG in their first meeting of the Round Robin. The fight where CLG boxed in RNG mid, and Huhi's Aurelion Sol stun landed on two with the cleanup from Stixxay. It was one of the first signs that CLG were aiming to place way higher than everyone had predicted. Even though that game ended up being a loss, it was the beginning of people seriously reconsidering the narrative that Stixxay wasn't cut out for this level of competition.

Devin “PiraTechnics” Younge​

Every single fight from RNG vs. SKT Game 2. Holy sh*t…