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“We’re so far from our ceiling”: Caps and Wunder on G2’s LEC win

Find out what the G2 stars think about their dominant LEC Final victory over Origen.

Never mind that G2 Esports are the first ever LEC Spring Split champions. Never mind that they’re now going to represent Europe at MSI, and have a good chance of doing very well. In the end, the LEC Finals all came down to the numbers. 


18 minutes and 31 seconds was all it took for G2 to dismantle Origen in Game 3 of the LEC final. It was the fastest ever win in European professional League of Legends history. In the previous game they had killed Baron in the fastest time of the split. In this game Baron didn’t even have a chance to spawn. 

“It’s always nice to get achievements,” said Rasmus “Caps” Winther. “Things you can be known by. But the important thing is we showed up and everyone played really well.”

“In one way it feels good because i've won my first trophy and it feels good in the way we did it,” said Wunder. “But winning so fast I'm kinda left wanting more. You want to play on the stage more, you want to feel the finals hype."


In part thanks to that incredible Game 3, 74 in-game minutes was the total time it took G2 to win the series. Single games have gone longer than that in the past. G2 held the previous record for the quickest final with 104 minutes. This time they beat their own record by an unbelievable 30 minutes. 

“We can become better but I don’t think we’ll ever end games that fast again,” Caps laughed.

Caps says G2 have still yet to hit their ceiling.

Caps says G2 have still yet to hit their ceiling.


Five players, five champions, five titles. It’s G2’s fifth European title, and time will tell if this will restart their era of dominance that started a few years ago. As for the players, the five members of G2 could be the greatest European roster ever assembled. And what about the champions they picked? Ryze, Morgana, Pyke, Xayah, Rakan. It’s the kind of comp that seems to make no sense, and yet it worked wonders in Game 2.

Wunder puts Game 2’s success down to his AD Carry. “The funnel was Perkz's idea, he's the one being funnelled, he's playing against Sona Taric. He felt it was the right way to maneuver around it. Usually the issue with funnel was your laners are very weak since you have no jungler. But since it's Sona Taric, you're not getting dived so it’s more viable.”

He also revealed their tactic to try and bait Origen into playing that particular bot lane duo. “We were thinking about ways to make them play Sona Taric but of course we didn't want to jeopardise our draft just for them to pick it, because it's still strong. There's no way for sure you win against it with funnel. We've lost with funnel against it in practice.”

“There's a lot of picks that we've been sitting on for a while that we didn't actually get to bring out,” Wunder said carefully. “For me in particular there are some stylish picks I have prepared. It should probably stay a secret for MSI."

We can become better but I don’t think we’ll ever end games that fast again.

Rasmus “Caps” Winther


Not a single game lost in the playoffs, against some of the best teams Europe has to offer. G2’s dominance really speaks for itself. 


May 19 will be the Grand Final of MSI. The other teams on the way there should be very wary of the European champions. 

“I’m excited to meet Faker, I’ve never played against him,” said Caps. “LPL is good no matter what, and both me and G2 have some vengeance to get on Invictus.”

“We were thinking about MSI quite a bit before, like what we were going to do with a boot camp,” Wunder said. “But now it's a reality, so it's pretty exciting. Playing against the number one teams from each region. This will be my first MSI too so that'll be a new experience and hopefully we'll do really well.”

Speaking of the number 19, will the year 2019 be the year of G2? Caps certainly thinks so.

“We’re so far from our ceiling we’re excited for the future."

How will G2 fare at MSI? Should every other region be trembling? Let’s hear your views in the comments below.