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Coach Spotlight: UOL's Fabian "Sheepy" Mallant

Fabian "Sheepy" Mallant is a founding member and long time coach of the Unicorns of Love. It’s been difficult for this shepard to wrangle his flock of unicorns, having not made it to the Finals since Spring of 2015. But finally their efforts have paid off and the team has never looked stronger. With a potential Finals showdown in one week in front of their home crowd in Hamburg, it’s going to be a tense match against Misfits and former Unicorn Power of Evil on Sunday.

How important is it for you and the Unicorns to be fighting in Hamburg?

Fighting in Hamburg is super important for me, I come from Hamburg and I’ve already invited all my friends. Two of my cousins are coming, and they’re bringing friends as well, they’re coming down from the Netherlands - where my father is from. So we have like 17 people attending, and that is just fantastic. Also my family still lives there, so we can sleep at their place if we wanted to. It’s just so great to have all the people and friends that are in Hamburg there, because I don’t get to see them here in Berlin. They’ll all come, it’s a once in a lifetime chance and it’s such a special thing to me.


So how important does that make being in the Finals?

That’s actually more important than anything else. I really hope we make it to the Finals, it would be the first Finals we’ve played since Spring 2015. Success means everything for us, so it would be amazing.


How do you feel about going up against Misfits, including Power of Evil, during the Semifinals?

For me it means a little bit less than it does for the other guys on the team, because I think they still talk since he left the team, whereas I’m more focused on building up the new players and implementing them and so on. It’s still really important to me that we’re facing Misfits including Power of Evil, since he’s an old colleague, and I’m excited at facing him. But for our players it’s more exciting.

We have no animosity towards anyone, especially Power of Evil. We still have a really good relationship.

Fabian "Sheepy" Mallant

How do you think the matchup will go?

I think the midlane matchup will be really interesting. I think drafting wise we will be better, because I think Exileh knows the matchup he wants to play. We’re going to talk about them more directly now that we’re heading into a Best of Five series against one team. So more games means it’s more worth it to invest in preparing what we want to play against one person, it will work out better for us. I also think if we continue the practice we have right now and focus on getting in shape there’s no element of luck. If we really practice and have the matchups in mind and play correctly then we have a really really good shot and controlling midlane.


Like you said, if you make it to the Finals it will be the second time the Unicorns of Love have played in a Finals. Do you think that this is the best version of the Unicorns we’ve seen?

I think this is definitely the best Unicorns we’ve ever seen. We’ve stepped up dramatically in terms of what we’re actually doing on the map. We’ve also been analyzing what other people are doing so that we can refocus and talk about the game from the perspective of “this is exactly what happened” instead of “look at this one team fight” or “this champion is really strong”. We are more precise now. I think that everyone is benefiting from this, and also shoots down a lot of the bad luck that people are saying. For us, we can very precisely point out what’s going on and what we’ve learned and focused on.

The Unicorns of Love face Misfits in their Semifinals match on Sunday, April 16th at 17:00 CEST on watch.lolesports.com.