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Coaches week Post-Game Lobby with Shaunz and Prolly

In honor of coaches week H2K’s pr0lly and Vitality’s Shaunz joined us on PGL

Hot topics were the abysmal scrim culture in Europe and how it is affecting the level of the League,  the best botlanes in the League, the inconsistency of the League and pr0lly’s job at Joe’s Crabshack.


0:10 H2K 0-2 loss vs FNC post-match discussion

3:50 Shaunz and pr0lly on being able to listen to the team’s comms during matches

5:30 Kikis joining Fnatic: Deficio: ‘He didn’t miss a beat but unsure about Kikis - Spirit synergy’

7:40 UOL 2-0 vs GIA - middle of the pack teams discussion

9:40 pr0lly ‘Middle of the pack teams are even but in a bad way - including us’

10:20 Why scrims in Europe are bad and bringing down the level of the teams

15:30 G2 vs Splyce 1-1 Post-Match discussion

16:40 How strong is Splyce? Pr0lly: ‘I think they are stuck in the middle with everyone else’

17:38: Shaunz ‘Mikyx is playing really smart’

18:00: Who are the strongest bottom lanes in EU and how the draft matters

19:48 Pr0lly ‘Zven and Mithy get away with murder with their picks’

21:20 Where is Schalke going?

22:20 On the inconsistency in EU LCS

24:20 Shaunz ‘Why does every team with Fox on it start the split in a good place and then goes downhill?’

25:40 Standings discussion and future funk

26:20 Shaunz on Vitality

27:27 Twitter questions and pr0lly’s work in Joe’s Crabshack

31:20: Shaunz ‘They call me daddy’

33:20 Player of the game leaderboard