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Riot Communications

Competitive Ruling: Mathias "Szygenda" Jensen

Mathias "Szygenda" Jensen, who has been submitted to the League by Rogue as part of their prospective 2020 Season roster, has exhibited unacceptable behaviour in his games. As a result he will be suspended until the 6th of February 2020.


Through an investigation carried out by League Officials during the entry screening, evidence demonstrated that Jensen displayed negative behaviour in League of Legends in multiple instances over the course of the past months. Jensen’s usage of discriminatory language towards other players in the game is unacceptable and has no place in our competitive ecosystem. Although Jensen did not have any previous warnings, the violations were severe which is why we are issuing an immediate suspension.


Mathias "Szygenda" Jensen has violated rule 9.2.4 of the LEC Rulebook and Article 8.2.4 of the ERL Rulebook and will be suspended from all Riot-affiliated competitions until the 6th of February 2020.


LEC Rulebook

“Team Managers/Members may not offend the dignity or integrity of a country, private person or group of people through contemptuous, discriminatory or denigrating words or actions on account of race, skin color, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, financial status, birth or any other status, sexual orientation or any other reason.”

Article 8.2.4 of the ERL Rulebook