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Downfall: Despair in Group D

After H2K heroically qualified for the Quarterfinals of Worlds 2016 as winners of Group C, following their 4-0 record yesterday, the disappointment felt by EU fans in the last week seemed to have all but dissipated. Fans had forgotten the woes of G2’s inexplicable early exit from Group A and were now looking forward to seeing what Splyce could do following their 0-3 start to Groups last week, as NA fans put their hopes in TSM to make it to Chicago.

Splyce started the day with a rematch against Chinese second seed Royal Never Give Up, who picked Splyce apart in their match in week 1. Those who watched it will remember vividly as Uzi and Mata dominated the bot lane match up against Kobbe and Mikyx, the duo’s most devastating loss since they paired up at the start of the summer split. It was a massacre, and earning a win would be a tough task for Splyce.

Trashy picked his fifth different jungler in five games, picking up the Elise for some early pressure and team utility, and it proved instrumental in this game. Trashy landed cocoon after cocoon, and while he put on his best performance of the tournament so far, he wasn’t even the top performer on Splyce in this game. After Uzi and Mata dumpstered Kobbe and Mikyx last week, it was the Splyce bot lane that rose to the occasion in week 2.

Mikyx and Kobbe not only won lane against the powerhouse bot lane duo, featuring a former Worlds winner and a two-time Worlds finalist, they made their presence known throughout the game. While the record will show that Wunder received the player of the game award for his performance on Jayce, Mikyx will feel aggrieved the award wasn’t given to him. His Braum was magnificent, his ults game-changing, and his accuracy with every Braum Q was sublime. Mikyx had a tough tournament overall, but this game was his shining moment.

Splyce decisively beat RNG in this game, handing North America’s TSM a chance after they lost to Samsung in the first game of the day. Never before was Twitch chat so unified, as EU and NA fans alike thanked each other and set their differences aside in the name of defeating the east. Alas for Splyce, they immediately fell to TSM in the next game, thus ending their tournament, and their sacrifice would ultimately prove to be in vain.


Doublelift had a poor tournament compared to his performances in the NA LCS summer split.


Despite the hype behind TSM coming into Worlds 2016, after a dominant performance in the summer split and summer playoffs, the North American first seed failed to advance from Group D. They looked shaky last week but still managed to secure a 2-1 record coming into week 2, giving themselves a solid chance of advancing from a tough group. Many referred to Group D as the Group of Death before the tournament, and it proved to be exactly that for both Western teams.

After their early loss to Samsung and victory over Splyce, TSM had to face RNG in the final game of the day. The winner would qualify for the Quarterfinals in Chicago as Group D’s second seed, with Samsung Galaxy qualifying as the first seed with a 5-1 record. TSM lost to RNG in week 1, and though both teams would finish with the same record if RNG won, the Chinese team would advance due to their head-to-head advantage over TSM.

Disaster struck early as RNG’s Uzi secured an easy triple kill on his favoured Ezreal pick following a misstep by TSM’s bot lane, and compounded by a clever roam from Xiaohu on Aurelion Sol. RNG accelerated the game from there, as Xiaohu consistently roamed ahead of Bjergsen on Ryze. Despite this, TSM managed to find a couple of even fights and even aced RNG on an inhibitor push in TSM’s base, thanks to Bjergsen’s excellent mechanics.

As hard as Bjergsen tried to put the rest of TSM on his back, he could not 1 v 9 the game as TSM’s other players died over and over again, condemning them to a devastating loss. RNG, after losing to both Splyce and Samsung on the day, recovered to crush TSM’s hopes. TSM were eliminated from Worlds 2016, and the hopes of NA fans dissipated instantly.


With just one day of Groups left, NA’s hopes lie in the hands of Cloud9. They also enter this week with a 2-1 record, and begin their day in the second match against SK Telecom T1. Can C9 qualify for the Quarterfinals and give North American fans something to cheer for in Chicago, or will NA crash out in week 2 of Worlds for the second year in a row?

Tune into Lolesports to catch all the action, as we close out the Group Stages in San Francisco with an epic day of games in Group B!