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Ender, Foxdrop and Jarge join the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split on-air team!

The EU LCS Summer Split begins on Friday, June 15th and we have some new faces joining the broadcast team.

All of your favourite familiar faces will be returning this season, but we’ll also have some fresh blood joining the team. Christy “Ender” Frierson is closing the book on his time with the Riot Playtest team as a QA Analyst to join us as our newest colour caster. Additionally, two new rotating guests from the UK will join us on a regular basis: Dan “Foxdrop” Wyatt will drop a ‘BRB’ sign on his YouTube channel to visit our studio, and Josh “Jarge” Smith will bring his 6 years of professional LoL coaching and analysis to our desks.

During Spring Split we experimented with rotating guest slots, bringing on the likes of Amazing, Freeze, YamatoCannon and Kold. We were pleased with the results, so we’re going to continue bringing in a few more guests throughout the split, including Laure “Bulii” Valée on interviews.

Active players on LCS teams will also continue to join us for PGL and our new 30 minute long pre-show, Ready Check. So while Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider won’t be joining us in a suit jacket and shirt this season, we’ll hopefully still have him on the desk as FC Schalke 04’s new jungler. We wish him the best of luck!

So, before we get into introductions, here’s a quick rundown of the terminology you’ll hear in regards to the broadcast team.

  • Hosts keep the broadcast flowing between games, a vital part in the overall broadcast experience. They’ll run the analyst desk by posing thought-provoking questions, break down games through in-depth analysis, and interview the many talented pro players in the League this season.

  • Interviewers will get the latest scoop from pro players or team staff either immediately before a game begins, or straight after one finished. Their questions can set the tone for the games to come and spill the tea on blossoming rivalries!

  • Analysts scrutinise the critical moments of the game in great detail from the desk, highlighting the minutiae of the game’s biggest plays and biggest fails. Their deep knowledge and understanding of the game allows them to break it down concisely, giving the viewer all the info they need to understand the game’s big swings.

  • Colour casters provide the flavour and the in-game breakdowns that help you understand why the game is progressing as it is. They’ll analyse every decision a team makes as they make it, and help you understand why your favourite team just crushed a teamfight, decided to split push a lane, or made a risky call for an objective.

  • Play-by-play casters call the action as they say it; they’ll keep you on the edge of your seat and hype you up through moment-to-moment commentary. They’re your chaperones through every game-winning teamfight, baron steal, and pinpoint COCOOON landed in a game of League.

Alright, let’s get into it!





Tell us about yourself.
I have been covering competitive League since 2012 and have been working with the EU LCS since our first LCS split in 2013. As the League grew so did I and over the years I've had the honor of being part of players most meaningful moments during interviews and on the analyst desk. Just as importantly, I've had my fair share of banter of the years. I can't wait to start the Summer Split with my incredible colleagues on and off camera!

What did you think about Spring Split?
The Spring Split was a milestone for the EU LCS, where we finally got to show off our brand new analyst studio, were able to up our production quality and where we sought out a new approach to how we presented and pushed our storylines and stars. I am thrilled to continue our hard work, try new things and refreshing segments throughout summer, possibly with a tad less mentions of 'Kings' and 'Legacy'. Maybe. The race was immensely close during Spring, and with Worlds on the horizon, Summer will be even more intense.

Who’s your team to watch?
Yes I know, predictable but I can't wait to see what Fnatic will bring to the table in Summer. After securing their first championship in two years and reaching some high highs at MSI but again falling to RNG, I would hope they are hungry and poised to improve. I want to see what they've added to their playbook, and if the Caps and Rekkles tandem works as effective as it did in Spring. How will Soaz do after months of competitive inactivity, and how can his rookie counterpart Bwipo perform domestically? And finally, a wildcard for me, after some questionable moments at MSI, how does Hylissang rebound?

What about a player to watch?
I have my eyes on Perkz. For two years he reigned supreme in Europe but since Spring, the landscape has changed. Caps is the undisputed midlane king, as he showed in the finals, and new names like Jizuke are bringing the heat. As in Spring, all eyes are on Perkz and how he can elevate the G2 line-up, can he claim back his lane kingdom?

Follow Sjokz on Twitter @sjokz, Instagram @eefjah or on Facebook.





Tell us about yourself.
I've been involved with the League community as a volunteer for years but I started as a professional rather recently. After a few years as an hostess on the French O'Gaming broadcast, I decided to move forward and joined the EU LCS Broadcast as an interviewer earlier this year. After my first split and MSI in Paris, I can't wait for the Summer Split action to start!

What did you think about Spring Split?
Spring brought us a lot of action packed games and an intense competition right until the last moments of the Split! Fnatic took back their crown and with Summer around the corner, I'm really excited to see how teams and players will grow and how exciting the competition will be. EUphoria madness let's go!

Who’s your team to watch?
I'm really looking forward to see how G2 will evolve during Summer. They had issues they couldn't get away from and knowing how strong the players are, I'm looking to see them bounce back, especially with what new patch brought to the game. Can G2 challenge Fnatic and take first place once again?

Who’s your player to watch?
sOAZ vs Bwipo in the top lane will be very interesting to see. Bwipo grew during MSI and sOAZ is hungry to be back where he was. I'm looking forward to seeing how Fnatic can develop around their two players!

Follow Bulii on Twitter @LaureBuliiV and Instagram on @laure_bv.





Tell us about yourself.
I’m in my sixth year working as a professional coach and analyst. I’ve worked for some of the best teams and players and learned a lot during my time. I have succeeded and failed at the highest and lowest levels of LCS. My favourite moment was winning the series vs EDG with Fnatic at 2015 World Championships as it was in London, UK (my home country).

What excites you about joining the on-air team?
I'm excited to start looking at the game from an alternative perspective and lending my experience to the already talented broadcast crew. I have strong opinions and will not be afraid to share them!

Who’s your team to watch?
Misfits because I think they severely underperformed in Spring relative to their expected level of play. I fully expect them to bounce back and be contender considering their talent in players and staff.

Who’s your player to watch?
Maxlore. I think he is the catalyst for Misfits and is finally being recognised as an elite player at his position. He is smart, driven and how has a lot to prove given his performance in 2017.

Follow Jarge on Twitter @Jarge__.





Tell us about yourself.
I decided to take a gap year after graduating high school to see if I could make it as a professional shoutcaster. That didn’t happen. I did, however, get hired as a referee for the NA LCS. I was on stage for the very first Chronobreak and travelled to Rio de Janeiro where I stood behind Faker as SKT won MSI. Shortly after, at a Player Lab to test Xayah and Rakan before release, it was suggested that I apply to join Riot’s Playtest Team after dominating in the playtests. I was brought on just before the Urgot rework was released and have worked closely on all new League of Legends content since. This summer I’ll share my unique experiences and insight as a new member on the EU LCS broadcast team!

What excites you about joining the on-air team?
I'm thrilled to get the chance to be on the EU LCS broadcast for the first time. Can't wait to talk about the game I've worked on for the last year!

Who’s your team to watch?
I can't wait to see H2K return for the summer split. Their late-season run to playoffs was nothing short of outstanding. Now that this roster has had some time together in the off-season, I'm sure they'll come back stronger.

Who’s your player to watch?
Attila. During the season the conversation about the best rookie AD carries never put him at the top, but he placed higher than any of the others at the end of the split. No longer a rookie and now with a new name, he's returning with Vitality and ready to prove himself.

Follow Ender on Twitter @EnderCasts.




Tell us about yourself.
I created a YouTube channel in late season 2 to help people improve at League of Legends. I made my casting debut around a year ago in the UK National League, and capped it off recently at the EU Masters. After having YouTube as my full time job for so many years, I'm excited to take a different direction with the game I'm still so passionate about. I have two simple rules for my casting - have fun, and chat shit. And I'm so ready to have loads of fun and chat loads of shit.

What excites you about Summer Split?
The 2018 Spring Split was the pinnacle of parity in European League of Legends. It's going to be exciting to see if the trend follows in to the Summer Split, and who can challenge Fnatic at the very top.

Who’s your team to watch?
Team Vitality came from Challenger to being one of the best teams in Europe. Definitely the biggest surprise of the Spring Split; it will be fun to see if they can dodge the sophomore slump and build upon their foundation of success in Summer.

Who’s your player to watch?
Caps and Gilius. Caps had such an impressive international showing at MSI and this split will put the argument of PerkZ vs Caps to rest. Gilius has yet to make plays as big as his mouth, but he's a dynamic player to watch and will be instrumental in Vitality's summer performance - for better or worse.

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Tell us about yourself.
I was formerly a pro player and I became a shoutcaster in 2014. I focus my casting around knowledge of professional strategies and dumb NSFW jokes. Proud co-host of EUphoria, the greatest EU LCS podcast of all time with the best bets. I found happiness in life by being a one-trick Zyra player.

Dish us some dirt.
I carried Vedius to Diamond.

Who’s your team to watch?
Misfits Gaming. It's should be impossible for a lineup with that amount of talent, both in the starting lineup but also in their coaching staff to fail again. I believe they have learned from their Spring failures and we will see a much stronger Misfits fighting for 1st place this time.

Who’s your player to watch?
Jiizuke. He exploded onto the scene and impressed everyone with his constant aggression and awesome outplays. He had a rough ending to the split vs Splyce in Copenhagen but Vitality needs him to be their star if they want to win. Can he continue his growth and challenge Caps and Perkz?

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Tell us about yourself.
An aspiring pro player from Wales that fell into casting by accident. A good friend gave me an opportunity and I never looked back. Since joining the EU LCS, I've been branded as the king of cringe thanks to my Picks to Watch series! I am currently a Nocturne mid one trick and have used it multiple times to carry poor Deficio out of the depths of Elo hell

Will Summer live up to Spring’s hype?
This split will be just as exciting as Spring, but this time the stakes are so much higher! Every game counts right from the get go, and everyone's out for blood!

Who’s your team to watch?
Really interested in Misfits. With changes to their coaching staff while keeping the same roster, it makes me wonder whether they've been able to overcome their issues from the previous split. A team that was only 1 game away from playoffs who had the respect of many other top teams in Europe failed to qualify. Now they need a great run this split to secure a closely contested worlds spot.

Who’s your player to watch?
Amazing. Having taken a break from the pro scene for a while, I'm very curious as to how he will fit back into that role especially on a team that has a lot of expectations surrounding it. He has achieved a lot in his pro player career, but replicating it won't be so easy.

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Tell us about yourself.
I started playing League when Nidalee was released, convinced at the time that Mundo was the most complex champion in the game because he used health as a resource. I have since learned otherwise. I began my career in esports as a writer and graphic designer before branching into casting. I've been a professional caster since 2015 and I joined the EU LCS in spring of 2016, making my debut that summer. I'm that guy in your solo q games who question mark pings aggressively, I also one-trick Kayn.

What are you looking forward to in Summer?
Summer is always the season where we get to see teams at their best. Less swaps, a whole spring split of prep. Summer is the time to put up or shut up. Also, I get to make more Euphoria bets.

Who’s your team to watch?
H2K baby, I love an underdog story and if anyone is going to upset some worlds runs it is H2K. Sheriff was showing up in the second half of the split and I want to see if he can keep it up

Who’s your player to watch?
Caps. His one man mission to ruin all of solo q by making Yasuo look viable has got me thinking about what he will pull out next. Is it time for Riven to return to the mid lane? Will Urgot find a home there too? Only time will tell and only Caps would be mad enough to try.

Follow Drakos on Twitter and Instagram @danieldrakos.




Tell us about yourself.
I've been casting for about 6 years now and started off casting scrims for a gaming group called “Tactically Fabulous”. Since then I've cast tournaments throughout UK and in Europe, including working with Dreamhack, ESL and Riot. After my first split with Riot, I can't wait to get stuck in to Summer!

Can you scientifically prove that EU > NA?
Now that I've watched Fnatic take down NA at MSI, I've come to realise that EU truly is the superior region. With Worlds just around the corner, it's time for our teams to prove that EU > all.

Who’s your team to watch?
Got to keep my eyes on Schalke. They promised a lot in spring and didn't' step up. Now with a new jungler, perhaps they'll shine in the summer split.

Who’s your player to watch?
Amazing. Having worked with him for a split, I know that he wasn't quite ready to leave his playing days behind. He has the chance to prove he's still on of the best, but it's going to be a mammoth task.

Follow Medic on Twitter and Instagram @MedicCasts.




Tell us about yourself.
I got my start playing League in 2011, when some university classmates suggested I try it out, especially the new game mode Dominion (rip). Fast-forward to 2014 and I began writing LCS team profiles and casting amateur tournaments. Eventually I managed to catch Riot's notice after covering Season 4 of the LPL alongside Froskurinn from our respective bedrooms. I've loved every exciting minute of casting on the desk, but if I had to pick an especially memorable bit, it's gotta be Kobe and myself yelling ourselves hoarse over CLG and Stixxay's plays at MSI Shanghai. I'm looking forward to many more moments like that as the Summer Split gets underway!

What are your expectations for Summer?
If the Spring Split is a warmup for the competitive season, I can't wait to see what the Summer will bring! It's time for EU to shine.

Who’s your team to watch?
Team Vitality has got to be the one. The squad of rookies was all extremes last split, either red hot or ice cold. Now with a split's worth of experience to temper their expectations and play, I want to see what they've got for the Summer.

Who’s your player to watch?
Bwipo. After stepping in towards the end of the split for an injured sOAZ, the rookie went from zero to hero, slotting in comfortably to the Fnatic lineup and helping lead the team to a clean sweep in the finals vs G2. I have no idea how he's going to top that achievement, but I can't wait to find out!

Follow PiraTechnics on Twitter and Instagram @PiraTechnics.




Tell us about yourself.
I might be the longest running esports fan on the caster team (It helps being one of the oldest). I have been watching competitive video games for 15+ years at this stage and recall tournaments in the mid 90’s. That’s right, the mid 90’s when some of our players and casters (Ender for example) weren’t even born yet. Luckily with age comes some perspective and I’ve been able to cover the EU LCS since it started in 2013, back when I was a colour caster and the days were much darker. Since coming to Berlin and transitioning full time to play by play I have really settled into my role and taken on some more responsibilities off air to help push the team and broadcast. I’m excited to see what the Summer Split has in store for us all!

What are you most looking forward to?
Can't wait to kick off the Summer Split, our 2018 Spring was one of the most exciting we have had in years. Every single team was so close together in skill and seeing the race for playoffs go all the way to the last week was amazing. On a personal note I'm excited for Ready Check, our new pre-show alongside all the rotating guests and casters.

Who’s your team to watch?
I'm interested to see S04 with Amazing on board and leading this team in Summer. After working with him closely in Spring I'm really excited to see what level of performance on and off the rift he will bring to the S04 roster to turn around their 2018 season.

Who’s your player to watch?
Amazing - I want to see his leadership ability and mechanical skill to see if an old dog can really show us new tricks.

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Are there any other special guests you’d like to see invited on air? How about a favourite ex-pro or streamer you love to watch? Let us know in the comments below!