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ERL 2018 Summer Additions

We’ve been hard at work getting more European Regional Leagues up and running in 2018 and we’re proud to add three more ERLs in order to cover the entirety of Europe’s flourishing competitive League of Legends scene.

TL;DR: We’re adding three new European Regional Leagues in order to cover all of Europe, provide a clear path to the European Masters tournament, and to level up the competition in order to grow the next EU LCS stars.

We’re at the halfway point of the year, but we’ve remained committed to building up competitive League of Legends all across Europe. In addition to our 10 existing ERLs (European Regional Leagues), we’ve been hard at work to get other regional tournaments online. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered together with tournament organizers to add three new ERLs to the fold!

With these latest additions, we now have ERL support across all of Europe. This means that every ERL will have guaranteed slots at the European Masters tournament this summer. So without further ado, let’s get right to the good stuff!

Introducing our newest ERL additions:


Baltic National Esports League

We’ve teamed up with Challengermode to bring an all-new ERL to the Baltic region in order to cultivate the best talent in the area to compete at the European Masters tournament this summer. Head over to their website and social media in order to check out the tournament and stay up to date as the action unfolds this summer.

Links: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch


Benelux Premier League

In addition to the Dutch College League, Gamers First invites all Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg Summoners to the Benelux Premier League, where the finest Low Lands League of Legends talents can become legendary. In the first online qualifiers, summoners will battle for one of the eight spots in the Benelux Premier League during an electrifying offline competition at our 010 eSports house in Rotterdam to determine who’ll qualify to represent the BPL at the 2018 Summer European Masters. The Benelux Premier League elevates the competition to deliver League of Legends at the highest regional level. Get ready for the talent rising from Benelux to conquer the Rift!

Links: Website, Twitch

lgc greece


Our third addition this summer is the League of Legends Greek Championship. Greece and Cyprus are now represented by League of Legends Greek Championship. Starting on June 24th at 20.00 EEST, LGC comes as the only regional path to all those teams that are meeting the requirements. You can keep an eye on their channels, as the fight for the 20.000€ share is about to begin!

Links: Website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch

They’ll be joining our ten existing ERLs in fierce competition for the European Masters trophy this summer. Check them out below if you need a refresher or if this is your first time checking out the ERL scene:



In their debut season, the Balkan region produced one of the most surprising rosters at the EU Masters. Home to promising stars on the rise such as Aljoša "Milica" Kovandžić, EBL is one of the leagues to watch if you’re looking for who the next European stars will be. The Finals will be held at a state-of-the-art venue, in the heart of Belgrade, in front of a live audience. Keep an eye on their website for more information about attending.

Links: Website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube



We’re working with Hitpoint in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Keep an eye on their website for more details and watch the action unfold on their Twitch channel.

Links: Website, Facebook, Twitch, Youtube



The Open Tour is the home of competitive League of Legends tournaments in France. For the second part of the year, they’ll host three events in Metz, Valenciennes, and Marseille where they’ll crown local champions and grant points to qualify for EU Masters, as well as the French Finals in November.

Anyone has a chance to participate through qualifiers and enter the standings with the best French teams and players!

Links: Website, Twitter

premier tour


The 2018 Summer Season of the Premier Tour will launch shortly and consists of multiple stops – or individual tournaments – in different cities, with the finals of each stop being played in front of a live crowd. The first live event will take place on 8th of July in Hamburg. You can sign up to compete and find out more about the Premier Tour on the official circuit page.

Links: Twitch, Facebook, Twitter

pg nationals


PG Esports will be running the Italian Nationals and you can tune in to watch their broadcast via Twitch. For more information, head over to their website and social media, where you can follow the action and tune in to check out competition live!  

Links: Website, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter



Previously qualifying via Ragnarök, we’ve now teamed up with DreamHack to run the Nordic Championship. It features a regional qualification which feeds into a round robin online league that culminates with live finals at the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. 100,000 SEK will be on the line, alongside seeds into the next step on the path to the European Masters tournament. Stay tuned to DreamHack via their social media links for the latest news about the Nordic Championship!

Links: Website, Twitter, Facebook

esl mistrzostwa polski


With 16 seasons behind them, the ESL Mistrzostwa Polski is one of Poland's longest-operating and most prestigious esports competitions. ESL MP will continue with its biannual format this summer, with the upcoming season boasting a prize pool of 80,000 PLN and finals at the Poznań Game Arena Expo. All of the matches of the previous season were broadcast from ESL Studios and the decider playoff matches took place in front of a live audience in Katowice.

Links: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch



The premier Portuguese league, Moche LPLOL, is returning for their 5th edition and this time they’re looking to establish their place at the top of European competition. LPLOL is the forge where promising stars like Amadeu "Attila" Carvalho once played. Portugal is ready to level up and compete with the best of them so they can prove that they’re the new league to watch.

Links: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch



The Spanish talent powerhouse, Superliga Orange, has consistently been delivering top contenders out of their ERL for the past five years. The first was Giants Gaming, then talented coaches like Luis "Deilor" Sevilla Petit, and most recently the newest EU LCS superstar, Daniele "Jiizuke" di Mauro. For the 2018 season, the eight established organizations are filled with talent from all over Europe and will fight to become champions of Spain in order to prove their real strength at the European Masters tournament this summer.

Links: Website, Twitter, Facebook

forge of champions

UK  -  Forge of Champions

Forget all you know about the national UK scene. A new era has begun: Forge of Champions. It’s the most ambitious competition ever in UK esports. Forge of Champions boasts a whopping £50,000 prize pool, four qualifying tournaments that award cash, and a spectacular grand final. In addition, every second of the action will be livestreamed and filled with the best talent in the UK. Teams from all over the country will be facing each other to secure prizes and the opportunity to represent the UK in the European Masters. One thing is certain: the legends of tomorrow will be born in the Forge of Champions!

Links: Website, Twitter, Facebook

And with that, we leave you with the final ERLs that will be competing for the European Masters trophy this summer. Be sure to check out and support your local ERL and continue to help us build the foundation of the EU LCS for years to come. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you on the Rift!