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How to watch the EU LCS Finals in Madrid

The EU LCS Finals are happening in Madrid this weekend. Whether you're tuning in from home, a viewing party or live at the event, here's everything you need to know!

September is here, and with it comes the much-anticipated Finals of the EU LCS in Madrid, Spain! We've broken down every way you can watch, when to watch it and more. Check out below for more info!

The Stakes

There's more on the line for Fnatic than just lifting the EU LCS Champions trophy this weekend. Even though they've already locked in their place for Worlds with the Championship Points system, their seeding could also be at stake if they falter at this final step, as second place could thrust them into groups with top contenders from Korea and China. After being one of the only EU teams to fully utilise a regularly rotating roster, critics have high expectations for the squad's international success this year. They'll want to go to Worlds on the right foot, but they'll need to come in first place to do that.

Meanwhile, FC Schalke 04 have set themselves up for a do-or-die Finals ride. This is the organisation's first Playoffs and first Final, and with roster full of veteran players they are hungry to finally prove themselves. Right now Schalke will walk away with at least 90 Championship Points and are poised to qualify by points themselves. Additionally, if they take first they earn the coveted auto-qualifier to Worlds. Schalke have all the right cards in their hands going up against Fnatic, but one team could ruin it all for them if they lose: Team Vitality.

Team Vitality showed up with a fourth place finish in the Spring Split, netting them 30 points, and are aiming for a massive 70 points if they can take down Misfits. In this scenario, they'd have a total of 100 points, meaning they'll qualify as the second Worlds seed if FC Schalke 04 finish in second with only 90 points. But if Schalke can cause a huge Upset this weekend, Vitality's victory will be for nothing as Fnatic will take second seed with an unstoppable 180 points. Then, Vitality will need to beat Misfits a second time through the Regional Qualifier to make it to the international stage.

As for Misfits, the uphill struggle begins here. Having missed Spring Playoffs, they're currently sitting on 0 Championship points, and can only walk away with a maximum of 70 if they place third. This would bring them even with Splyce and Vitality in the Regional Qualifier, and still set them one step behind G2 who are sitting at 90 points. Still, Misfits are no strangers to underdog stories, and fans are more than excited to see the team that took SKT to five games at last year's Worlds make it back again. This is where their epic comeback story begins.

Four teams, three Worlds slots, one Summer Split Finals. Who will upset the system and who will keep their composure? Find out this weekend!

Watching From Home


Third Place Decider: Vitality vs Misfits

  • Saturday, September 8th
  • Pre-game coverage begins at 16:30 CEST with Ready Check, followed by the opening ceremony
  • Games begin at 17:00 CEST

Grand Finals: Fnatic vs FC Schalke 04

  • Sunday, September 9th
  • Pre-game coverage begins at 16:30 CEST with Ready Check, followed by the opening ceremony
  • Games begin at 17:00 CEST


Watch with friends: Viewing Parties

Can't make it to the live show, but want to feel the atmosphere of cheering with other LCS fans? Join one of our many viewing parties in cinemas across Europe and experience the action on the big screen!

The broadcast kicks off at 16:30 CEST. To find a cinema near you and to book tickets, head over to: www.leagueoflegendsincinemas.com.

See it live in Madrid: Tickets are still on sale!

Venue: Palacio Vistalegre, Calle de Utebo, 1, 28025 Madrid, Spain


  • Saturday, September 8th at 16:30 - Third Place Decider
  • Sunday, September 9th at 16:30 - 2018 Summer Finals

Teams: Top four teams from EU LCS Summer Playoffs - Fnatic, Team Vitality, FC Schalke 04, Misfits

Format: Best-of-5

Language: The in-house commentary will be broadcast in Spanish by the LVP team.


  • 1st place - Qualifies as the first team to represent Europe at the 2018 World Championship in Korea
  • 2nd place - 90 points
  • 3rd place - 70 points
  • 4th place - 50 points

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