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EU LCS Finals: Where to go and what to see in Rotterdam

The EU LCS Finals are coming to Rotterdam and we can't wait to see you all at the show! For those who have never been to the city before, we've put together this tourist guide to give you an idea of what else to check out and visit while you're in town.


1. Centraal Station

The Rotterdam Central Station is a relatively new building that was completed in 2014 after ten years of renovation work. As such, even if you don't find yourself using it to move around the city, it's still worth a visit to check out its unique, modern design. For some of you, this will be the first thing you see in Rotterdam, since Centraal Station serves high speed services to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and other European cities. Useful for getting home after a long weekend in Rotterdam, or for exploring some of Europe's other gems if you've flown in from further afield.

2. Market Hall

The Market Hall, like Centraal Station, is an incredible piece of Dutch architecture. Built out of stone, the horseshoe shaped building houses some (probably very expensive!) apartments, which serve as a roof for the huge covered food market beneath. An enormous mural, called the Horn of Plenty covers the interior arc of the market, which is stunning enough during the day, but really comes into its own when illuminated at night. It's open every day, so make sure you find some time to stop by during your trip to Rotterdam and experience the culinary delights, if not the spectacle.

3. De Rotterdam

De Rotterdam is another modern Dutch architectural marvel and the biggest building in the Netherlands. Designed as a "vertical city", it houses private offices and apartments, along with a hotel, cafes and restaurants, gyms and shops. All contained within a building that wouldn't look out of place on the skyline of a futuristic MegaTokyo. Well worth taking the trip down to check it out.

4. Delfshaven

Delfshaven couldn't be more different to the super-modern buildings elsewhere on this list. It's an area of Rotterdam untouched by the ravages of the Second World War, and as such it is as quintessentially Dutch as you could hope for. While it's only a small harbour, it houses many places to eat and drink. You'll also find many traditional Dutch buildings, like the Distilleerketel, a working replica of an 18th century Dutch grain windmill, right next to its original home. Delfshaven may seem a little touristy, but there's a reason so many visitors rush there, so don't let that put you off!

5. Euromast

The Euromast isn't just a key landmark in the Rotterdam skyline, but climbing to the top of this observation tower is also a great way of enjoying a fantastic view of the rest of the city. It's worth even a quick visit (particularly at night, to see the city all lit up), but if you have some extra time you can grab some food up there, too. In fact, if you're looking for a really special space to spend a night in the city, you can book into the Euromast hotel and wake up overlooking Rotterdam before you head over to watch the LCS Finals.

6. Rotterdam Port / Maritime Museum Rotterdam

Rotterdam is known to have the biggest port in Europe, so make sure you give it a visit and witness the grand scale and beautiful sights (particularly at night)! If you're interested in the history of the city's ports, make sure you check out the Maritime Museum, too. Rotterdam has a bunch of interesting museums and galleries, but if you have to pick one we would suggest the Maritime Museum, because boats are cool. Throughout history, countless ships have passed through the city's historic ports and the museum includes many great examples for you to see in the flesh. Both replicas and actually-old boats preserved by the museum staff.

7. Ahoy

Last on our list, but first in our hearts. Ahoy is the EU LCS Finals venue, so this is less of a suggestion and more of a necessity. We have high hopes for this LCS venue, and you'll see why when you get here. There'll be more detailed information about the venue, and how to get there, in the coming weeks. We can't wait to welcome you to the games, it's going to be a fantastic show!