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EU LCS Spring Final Preview

This weekend Rotterdam will be hosting the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split finals. In the playoffs the current titleholders, Fnatic, got swept by a very aggressive G2 esports in a brief and clear three to one victory. Meanwhile, Origen struggled through a very long best of five series against H2K Gaming.

Origen had a checkered path through the regular Spring Split, but their recent adaptability has proved effective and they managed to slip their way into the final, surprising many. The Worlds 2015 semi-finalists will compete against the fearsome G2 esports, and this best of five series will not only grant the winner a spot in 2016 Mid-Season Invitational, but it will most importantly secure ninety Championship Points. These are like gold dust as we approach Worlds at the end of the year. 

Perkz & Emperor

Perkz & Emperor


Across the nine weeks of the regular season, G2 esports soared up the standings and managed to drop only three games, grabbing the first seed of the Split uncontested. As they spawned onto the Rift for the Playoff Semi Finals, they proved that their playstyle and adaptability as a team was suitable not only in individual matches, but also in a best of five series. The match-up in the jungle was clearly one-sided, and Fnatic's Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon was barely able to follow his opponent, whereas in the midlane, G2 esports' Luka “Perkz” Pekovic was able to do everything he could to reduce Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten’s actions with his Ryze pick. 

However, Fnatic was able to tie the arms of G2's Support player, Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal, by targeting his Bard, Braum and Trundle flex pick during the drafting phase. This forced him to pick Thresh during the first three games. Despite this, G2's unbreakable botlane, along with their jungler and toplaner synergy, prevailed over Fnatic and they earned their victory though three quick wins. 

While G2 esports might be the public’s favorite to win the Finals, they will arrive in Rotterdam as rookies, who have never before experienced a stage, or stakes, this size. If this Challenger team manages to win the title, they will be the first to ever earn a Championship title on their first attempt in the LCS. 


Origen playing on stage

Origen playing on stage

In contrast to G2 esports, Origen ended the regular season with just seven victories and a Worlds Semi Finalist title far behind them. Coming into the Playoffs, they crushed the Unicorns of Love with an indisputable three to zero victory during a rapid best of five series. Afterwards, Origen defied all odds and took a long and stressful win against H2K, who many expected would find victory. With solid rotations and well-made drafts Origen succeeded in out-rotating H2k and out-performing the Konstantinos "FORG1VEN" Tzortziou-Napoleon/Oskar”VandeR” Bogdan botlane. Origen caught H2K off guard and managed to take advantage over them in games four and five, resulting in their victory.

Origen's top laner, Paul “sOAZ” Boyer, was instrumental in reversing the trend and proved once again that he is capable of evolving around the meta, particularly with his top lane Ekko pick. Mid laner Enrique “xPeke” Cedeno Martinez joined the fray, taking over from Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage during game four with his Lulu pick. He showed the audience that even if he does not carry the game with an impressive KDA, his very presence is enough to spur the rest of the team to greatness. One might wonder about the importance of a team consistency through a season, and Origen displayed very well that even though they didn’t hit the ground running at the very beginning, they still made it to the Finals to take on G2 esports. 

Previous EU LCS Champions

Previous EU LCS Champions


G2 esports have already proved that they can adapt to a multi-game series. They have already beaten Origen during the regular season and their adjustment to different teams and compositions is remarkable. On the other hand, Origen’s strengths lie in their experience on a the Worlds stage and their ability to handle the pressure involved with high level competitions. They also have the benefit of having two champion pools to draw from, as they can field both xPeke and PowerOfEvil to adapt to their opponents. Meanwhile, Perkz has proved that he can basically play everything and will always have an impact in lane and in fights. 

In the toplane the match-up seems much more even. Both players have a similar champion pool and, during the laning phase they both concentrate on scaling up as fast as possible. The Ekko pick will almost certainly be contested. 

Origen's jungler, Maurice "Amazing" Stückenschneider, will have to intensify the pressure on the toplane to enable sOAZ to take advantage. His champion pool is different from Kang-yoon "Trick" Kim’s, who in the current meta seems to have the advantage on Amazing. However, G2 may try to force a swaplane so they can get an early lead. They remain a very adaptable team and will likely have a response to Origen’s drafting phase. 

Ryze, Kindred and even Lucian will almost certainly be contested by both sides and Origen’s botlane seems to have an edge on their opponents.  Alfonso "mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez and Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen are a strong, smart duo and they proved this many times. Whatever happens, the match between these two very different teams promises to be explosive. Will Origen shine as they did during the Playoffs, or will G2 esports prove that they definitely are unbreakable ?