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Get Ready for the EU Spring Finals in Hamburg

Which team will reign supreme? Get ready to close out the EULCS Spring Split as we take the show on the road to the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany on April 22-23.

With Berlin being the home of the EULCS, we’re excited to host the finals with our neighbours in the second largest city in Germany, bringing the top four teams to Hamburg for a weekend of competitive action!

Get ready to step onto the Rift and crown the champions of Spring, who will be playing for championship points and a place at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational in Brazil.




Venue: Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg

Tickets: Tickets sales will begin in the next few weeks. We’ll share more information on Lolesports before tickets go live.


  • April 22 (3rd place vs. 4th place)

  • April 23 (1st place vs. 2nd place)

We’ll confirm start times when we announce tickets.

Teams: Top four teams from EULCS Spring Playoffs

Format: Best of 5

Language: The in-house commentary will be in English


  • 1st place - 90 points and will represent Europe at MSI 2017

  • 2nd place - 70 points

  • 3rd place - 50 points

  • 4th place - 30 points

Stay tuned to eu.lolesports.com for more information about finals in Hamburg. Bis später!


Jose “Diego” “Riot Crower” Klingenberg is a man of many names and leads the Live Production teams who execute our European esports events and shows. He’s been playing League since the closed beta and was one of the first Rioters to set up the European office. Caitlyn is his go-to champion, and his proudest achievement is destroying Deficio’s team in the internal Riot Rumble tournament… twice. You can find him on twitter @RiotCrower