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sOAZ has a son, Wadid knocks out Perkz and Vitality's glow-up | EU @ Worlds Days 1 - 3

Twitter doesn't have a rebroadcast or VOD player, so if you missed your favourite European team's memes, you can catch up here.

G2 Esports

That ending... wait for it 😂

Wadid's family couldn't visit him at LCS, but Seoul isn't so far away!

Analysts during the Afreeca Freecs game be like

How G2 deals with the haters:

Handshakes are more complicated than you think

Korean cosplayers are next level!

Want to see more of what G2's up to in Korea? Check out their behind-the-scenes video series.

You can find the other parts here: [Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four] [Part Five] [Part Six]


When the beat drops tho

Can't make it to a Coca Cola viewing party? Join a Fnatic VR viewing party from home.

Or join their Discord community here.

Summoner name change incoming...

Papa sOAZ never leaves his son behind

In reference to this moment, when a 7/0/1 Caps was being collapsed on by 3 members of 100 Thieves.

Want even more Fnatic? Check out their series Legends in Action.

Or check out sOAZ's blogs, which are especially hilarious!

And here's Episode One, where sOAZ goes to Starbucks in Korea during bootcamp.

Team Vitality

nobody knows how to troll you better than your own family

Somebody please find some old photos of Jactroll to complete the set...

Talk about a glow-up though

that feel when you take down the defending world champions

accurate depiction of Gen.G vs Jiizuke

it's all about those silver linings


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