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European Masters

European Masters: The Finals Are Here!

The Group Stage and Knockouts have all led to this weekend. European Masters is pumping up Poland’s hype levels to 100%– here's how you can get involved!


  • Single Elimination Bracket will continue

  • No 3rd place match will be played

  • Both Semifinals matches will be Best of 3

  • Finals will be a Best of 5

Participating Teams

  • EURONICS Gaming

  • MAD Lions E.C.

  • Ninjas in Pajamas



September 29

Ninjas in Pajamas vs ASUS ROG ELITE - 18:00 CEST

URONICS Gaming vs MAD Lions E.C. - 21:00 CEST

September 30

Finals - 18:00 CEST

Having trouble figuring out which match to watch?

Let the players help you decide!


EURONICS Gaming vs MAD Lions E.C.


I think our match versus MAD Lions will be exciting because of how different we act as a team compared to them. They for sure are the favourites coming into the Semifinals but I'm confident we'll step up and give that extra 10% to secure us a victory and a trip to the Finals.

- Yannick “Pandar” Greff, EURONICS


I think we are the most known team in Spain and they are the most known team in Germany. There is a lot of expectations regarding this match. Their playstyle is kind of strange, especially when it comes down to champion priorities, while ours is usually very standard and more focused on the macro-game. I think this dynamic will make the match even more interesting.

- Jorge "Werlyb" Casanovas Moreno-Torres, MAD Lions

Ninjas in Pajamas vs ASUS ROG ELITE


We come from a small region which is the reason people think we are the underdogs, but we keep showing up and accomplishing more and more. Making it to the Finals would definitely be something no one could see coming!

- Aleksa "DoubleAiM" Stanković, ASUS ROG


If you are in the mood for a quick 2-0, then our match is definitively the one to watch.

- Ludvig "SMILEY" Erik Hugo Granquist , NiP

Where to Watch