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European Masters

European Regional League 2019 Update

European Masters will return in 2019! Get caught up on how you can catch the action.

UPDATE ON 9/2/2019: The start date for Hitpoint Masters has been changed to February 17th, 2019.

We’re excited to announce that European Masters will be returning in 2019. The third edition of the explosive competition will take place from April 8th to 28th, which is perfect timing to scratch your European competitive itch when the LEC Spring Split wraps up on April 14th. More details about the tournament will be shared soon, so keep your eyes on lolesports.com in the coming weeks.

With European Masters 3 around the corner, teams are preparing to take part by first battling it out in the European Regional Leagues.

Here are your 2019 participating Regional Leagues:

  • Ultraliga
    • Participating Countries: Poland
    • Begins on: 22/01/19
  • PG Nationals
    • Participating Countries: Italy
    • Begins on: 27/01/19
  • Esports Balkan League
    • Participating Countries: Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, FYROM, Albania, Montenegro
    • Begins on: 28/01/19
    • Participating Countries: Portugal
    • Begins on: 28/01/19
  • Premier Tour
    • Participating Countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
    • Begins on: 03/02/19
  • Benelux Premier League
    • Participating Countries: Netherlands (incl. Caribbean Dutch Islands, Aruba and Curacao), Belgium, Luxembourg
    • Begins on: 11/02/19
  • UKLC
    • Participating Countries: United Kingdom, Ireland
    • Begins on: 13/02/19
  • Hitpoint Masters
    • Participating Countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia
    • Begins on: 17/02/19
  • Nordic Championship
    • Participating Countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland
    • Begins on: 19/02/19

This year, the Greek League will also be run by Fortuna Esports (Esports Balkan League), allowing players from Greece and Cyprus to also compete for a spot in the European Masters Group Stage. Keep an eye on their website for more details.

Which European Regional League will you be tuning into? Let us know in the comments below!