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European Regional Leagues and the European Cup

We've taken a look at the path to pro in Europe and are introducing some changes for the 2018 season to support regional talent and provide more competitive opportunities for players outside of the EU LCS. One of the ways we'll be doing this is through increased support to European Regional Leagues (ERLs) and a new European Cup tournament. Read on for more information.

Europe is a huge region with extremely talented players and our success on the international stage is proof of that. Every year we see new rookies find their place in the spotlight, but there’s a lot more we can do to support grassroots competition. For players looking to get involved in local competition, we’ll be increasing our support to ERLs in order to provide regular opportunities through leagues and tournaments. For the best ERL players, who are hungry for more competition and looking to test their skills against other countries, we’re introducing the European Cup, which is a brand new pan-European tournament involving the top ERL teams from across Europe.

What are European Regional Leagues?

ERLs are the highest level of competitive League of Legends in each local country or region. They were introduced in 2016 as a grassroots path to pro and as a way of creating more opportunities for players to compete regularly in local competition. Over the last few years ERLs have grown in professionalism and competitiveness and a number of them have really taken off, building thriving local ecosystems with a significant local following. Our aim is to replicate this success across all of Europe and to develop each league into one that local players aspire to compete in against their countrymen and for the eventual honour of representing their country or region on the European Stage.

In Spring 2018, ERLs will be run in the following countries below. Note that competition structure and timings may vary from country to country, ranging from singular leagues to series of tournaments with a circuit points system. Be sure to click the links to find out more about how to get involved in your country and where to watch:

We’re in ongoing talks with partners in order to set up more ERLs. It’s our goal for every country or region across Europe (ie. Nordics, Balkans) to have ERL representation. We’re aiming to add more competitions, covering more countries to our roster for Summer 2018, and will be sharing more updates when we’re back next year.

What is the European Cup?

The European Cup (name tbc) is a brand new tournament that will be added in 2018. For the first time ever, we’ll be introducing a tournament where local country champions will face-off against their international competitors to crown the best ERL champion in Europe. Local heroes will compete to represent their country as they take to the international stage to compete for prize money and glory.

This tournament will run over 2-3 weeks at the end of the Spring and Summer split, after ERLs have finished. We’ll be revealing more information about the European Cup midway through the 2018 Spring Split including details around format, structure and where to watch. Stay tuned for more!

When will this all kick off?

ERLs will begin at the start of the 2018 season and the best teams from each league will qualify to take part in the European Cup, which will run at the end of the Spring Split after EU LCS Spring Finals. Here’s how the competitive year in Europe will look:



Stay tuned for more updates on ERLs and the European Cup coming early next year. We’re excited to launch a brand new tournament for players outside of the EU LCS and look forward to bringing competitive League of Legends to more countries and players across Europe.