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Fit for a champion: The making of the LEC trophy

We take a look at how the beautiful new LEC cup was designed and created.

Ahead of this season, we wanted to separate the LEC from North America’s LCS not only with a new name and logo but also with a new trophy.

When the curtain dropped at the LEC finals in Rotterdam, G2 and Origen were face to face with each other but all of the players’ eyes were on the LEC trophy. Standing at a metre-tall, the silver trophy resembles the LEC’s logo – but there’s much more to the design than that besides.

The trophy was devised by DesignStudio, the same people responsible for the LEC’s rebrand as well as the branding of the Premier League and Champions League. Rather than opt for a classic cup shape, the studio came up with a unique design featuring 10 interlinked towers. As design director Eric Ng explains, they wanted to create something modern:

“A trophy should be timeless, so instead of applying graphic elements directly we took a more subtle approach. The cylindrical form and the columns of the trophy mirror the explosive crown logo. The 10 stepped columns represent the 10 teams of the league, with the highest reaching the principle. The trophy was also designed to be contemporary instead of feeling like a relic of the past; this reflects the LECs ambition to be the sport of the future."

LEC trophy engraving

G2 Esports are the first team to be engraved on the new trophy

Product designer Daniel Rous adds that it was vital the trophy stood out individually: “We wanted to design a trophy that would be coveted by LEC teams and the wider international leagues. Not leaning on the vast symbology of the game but carving a form out that was in line with the ethos of the new brand.”

After DesignStudio had come up with their idea for the trophy, it was the turn of silversmiths Thomas Lyte, who were not only responsible for the previous LCS trophies and Summoner’s Cup but also many iconic sporting trophies including football’s FA Cup, the Webb Ellis Trophy from the Rugby World Cup and basketball’s Champions League Trophy.

Thomas Lyte ensured that the design was plausible before modelling and 3D printing the trophy’s shape. That model was then electroformed in a copper skin before it was plated in silver to create the finished product you see today.

G2 LEC trophy lift

G2 hoisted up the new trophy at the Rotterdam finals for the first time

The silversmiths admitted that this was one of their trickier tasks: “The LEC trophy design is sensational visually. This glory is achieved through its underlining complexity, with each tower spiralling and twisting together. It was this complexity that challenged and intrigued the craftsmen.”

Product designer Daniel Rous says that the main concept behind the trophy was “progression.” The 10 towers ascend with the highest tower being the pinnacle – a spot reserved for the champions. G2 were the team fortunate to reach that pinnacle first, defeating Origen in the fastest final in European history to be crowned the inaugural LEC champions.

Just the start

LEC Spring Finals Rotterdam

Rotterdam set the scene for an electrifying season finale

That record-breaking victory means G2 are the first team to ever have their name engraved on the base of the trophy but there is plenty of room for others to join them. In fact, there is enough space for 30 years worth of champions.

“With LoL being very much a team sport, it was always a trophy designed to be hoisted by a team”

Eric Ng

Eric Ng watched the trophy’s unveiling during the LEC finals and was delighted with how the item looked on the grand stage:

“It was fantastic to see the finished trophy for the first time. The high polish finish combined with its many facets have a fantastic play with light. The curtain drop reveal was quite spectacular. 

“And then of course there is its size. We wanted to design a trophy that you can’t miss on camera, and I think you can feel its presence on stage during the finals at Rotterdam. With LoL being very much a team sport, it was always a trophy designed to be hoisted by a team but I think the guys at G2 all did pretty well lifting it individually! It must have been the adrenaline.”

Ahead of this season, we wanted the LEC to stand out on its own and separate the league from its counterpart in North America. The LEC trophy has been a key element in achieving that and we couldn’t have asked for a better start to this new era. We hope you’ll stick with us and witness many more teams lift this trophy for many more years to come.

Which part of the video did you find most interesting? What are your thoughts on the LEC trophy design? Let us know in the comments!