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Five picks that marked LEC’s second summer week.

The LEC teams stepped up their game during the second week of Summer, mixing up their drafts and champions. These are the most influential five picks of the LEC’s second week of play.

With a still developing meta, teams are trying out new picks to see what works on the big stage, and what doesn’t. Europe is known for its creativity and this week wasn’t any different. 

Week 2 was filled with micro outplays and macro tactics, but it was these five champions played that carried the games they featured in. Let’s take a look.

Profit’s Jarvan IV: 3/2/8 vs Team Vitality

Profit Jarvan IV

Profit danced around Team Vitality and never skipped a beat.

Rogue’s new line-up is performing incredibly well. In Spring they had some issues but after two weeks of play in Summer, they are 2-2. Rogue are finally creating an identity for themselves. Kim "Profit" Jun-hyung is one of these key players for the relatively new organization. While Team Vitality targeted him for ganks, Profit was able to repel them and turn them around in his favour.

While Profit did die a few times, he was able to carry his own weight by not giving his enemy lane the lead he needed to carry the game. Not many toplaners are able to leave the laning phase with 3-1-2 scoreline after being the target of an early game Elise camp. If Vitality was able to snowball their top laner, the game might have gone very differently.

Perkz’ Pyke: 6/1/13 KDA vs Team Vitality

Perkz Pyke

Perkz showed that he is still a highly skilled assassin player.

Luka "Perkz" Perković can play absolutely everything in the botlane. This gives a massive advantage to his team. Most ADCs only play Marksmen and sometimes Sona/ Taric. With G2 Esports, you never know what you’re going to get. Paired with Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle, the G2 bot lane is extremely scary to face. For the first time in Europe we saw a Pyke/Yuumi botlane, and yes, it was as scary as it sounds.

The strongest aspect of the Pyke/Yuumi bot lane is how easy it is to set up ganks for your jungler. All you need is a single Prowling Projectile to land. This sets up Pyke’s Bone Skewer into any CC ability that your jungler has. Of course, with a bot lane like this, G2 Esports needed to snowball. They lacked any form of consistent AD DPS. Nevertheless, they were able to topple Team Vitality in a unique and fun way. We can’t wait to see what G2 Esports brings to the table next week.

Nemesis’ Twisted Fate: 0/0/7 vs FC Schalke 04

Nemesis Twisted Fate

Nemesis gave a Twisted Fate master class.

Most of Twisted Fate’s abilities scale with ability power, which means that normally people build – you guessed it – ability power. However, there is now a new Twisted Fate build where instead of a Lich Bane, you build a Trinity Force. A Rapid Fire cannon and a Wit’s End help increase the DPS of the build even more. Tim "Nemesis" Lipovšek decided to go for the on-hit build and the results were great.

This game was not about the kills for Nemesis, but he gave Fnatic the map control that they needed to make their split push style work. The long range gold cards helped Fnatic set up ganks and picks which gave them a tempo advantage. Twisted fate’s ultimate can also be used to snipe towers or escape from dicey situations. Nemesis might not have gotten any kills, but he played the champion as well as he could have, which made him the defining factor in Fnatic’s victory.

Kirei’s Kindred: 7/1/2 vs. Excel Esports

Kirei Kindred

Kirei’s LEC debut was the second wind that Misfits needed.

An LEC debut is always scary. Many players struggle the first time they set foot on the big stage. Others shine, and immediately start carrying games. Thomas "Kirei" Yuen is one of those players. Kindred is not a very popular champion in Europe. However, that doesn’t mean that she is not strong. In the hands of the right player, Kindred can single handedly hard carry games. Which is what Kirei did against Excel Esports.

The rest of Misfits set Kirei up for success. They helped him out in the jungle to gather his marks. The mark system is what makes or breaks Kindred players. If Kirei wasn’t able to get his marks early, he would fall behind. Due to the fact that the rest of Misfits’ players were able to stick around and help him get the kills that Kirei so desperately needed, Kirei was able to return the favour by winning the game for Misfits.

Upset’s Sivir: 9/1/5 vs Splyce

Upset Sivir

Upset was the defining factor in FC Schalke 04’s victory against Splyce.

Splyce loves scaling compositions, so playing a scaling composition and winning is a difficult task. Sivir is one of those champions that needs time to farm up to become effective. The good part is that she has the tools to make games go long. The wave clear in her kit makes it easy to clear waves but her short attack range makes it difficult for her to maneuver around fights. Luckily Elias "Upset" Lipp is an insane ADC who, despite Sivir’s short range, can still pump out a lot of DPS.

Schalke’s game against Splyce was a bloodbath, and really came down to the last team fight. Upset was able to pick out key targets to burst down while avoiding Kennen’s ultimate and keeping himself safe. Schalke’s ADC used Sivir’s ultimate to quickly get away from scary situations and turn around on Splyce members who were out of position. This gave Schalke the edge that they needed to defeat one of the best late-game teams in the LEC.

Caps’s Neeko, Hyllisang’s Pyke and Kirei’s Elise could have also easily made the list. Are there any champions you would have picked for this Top Five? Let us know in the comments.