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Five picks that marked LEC’s fourth summer week

After an exciting Rift Rivals win for Europe, the ten European teams find themselves once again pitted against each other for regional dominance, and the play-off race is approaching its peak.

The fourth week of the LEC was once again a week filled with surprises. In fact, after this week, there are no longer any teams that stand on zero loses or wins. In theory, every team can still make the playoffs. Which means that from now on, every win is going to mean even more. Let’s dive into the biggest carry performances of this week.

Inspired’s Olaf: 5/2/6 vs Origen

Inspired Olaf

Inspired showed that he is still one of the best Olaf players in Europe.

Olaf jungle is really strong in the early game, but falls off really hard in the mid-to-late game if he doesn’t get a few kills or assists under his belt. Picking Olaf basically means that you have to play close to a perfect early game and get your lanes ahead in order for the pick to be worth it. Luckily for Rogue, Kacper "Inspired" Słoma did just that, killing his opponents in the early game, over and over.

Inspired was able to camp for his mid and toplaner, giving them the room to scale into the mid game with massive leads over their laning opponents. Which gave Inspired the push to invade and make the enemy Sejuani useless. While the game probably went longer than the Rogue players hoped for, some great Kennen ultimates spelled certain defeat for Origen.

Humanoid’s Qiyana: 12/3/7 vs Fnatic

Humanoid Qiyana

Humanoid’s dominating Qiyana performance delivered Fnatic their first loss of the season.

When a new champion releases in professional play, the pros are usually cautious about the power level of the champion. Qiyana was banned out in most of the fourth week’s games, and apparently rightfully so since Splyce’s Marek "Humanoid" Brázda delivered an absolutely dominating performance on the champion against Fnatic.

Splyce are often called a slow team in terms of play. Analysts say that they come online in the later stages of the game. But in this best of one against Fnatic, they proved those analysts wrong. With strong early roams and skirmishes they brought the number one team to their knees and gave them the first loss of the season. Splyce are looking great, and we can only wonder what the next few weeks will bring them.

Broxah’s Lee Sin: 6/2/7 vs Team Vitality

Broxah Lee Sin

With this series, Broxah proved once again why he’s a serious candidate for Summer Split MVP.

In a recent LEC Training Grounds video, we saw Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen give a lesson on how to play Lee Sin. This game could just as well been used for clips for that particular video, since the Fnatic jungler gave Team Vitality a master class on how the play the blind monk.

Insec kicks, great gank setups and quick executions; if you’re a fan of Lee Sin highlight videos, you should rewatch this game. Broxah is without a doubt the best jungler in the LEC right now: not only is he facilitating Fnatic’s early game with laning protection, he is also able to make plays in the later stages of the game that often directly result in victory for the Fnatic squad.

Caps’ Renekton: 9/1/2 vs Misfits

Caps Renekton

Caps proved once against that he is able to play any champion in the mid lane and absolutely dominate his opponent.

What do you play against a team that can play everything? Misfits’ answer was stick to your guns and play champions that your laners are comfortable on. Unfortunately for them, Rasmus "Caps" Winther doesn’t really care about your picks. He’s going to dominate you regardless.

When the Misfit’s midlaner blind picked Irelia, Caps smelled blood. Renekton is one of Irelia’s biggest counters. Yet, Misfits was able to switch around their laners which meant Caps was facing Vladimir in the mid lane. Despite Misfits’ best efforts, Caps was able to get a solo kill early on in the game. This meant that he was able to pressure his sidelanes with his leads, resulting in a quick victory for the G2 Esports squad.

Mickey’s Corki: 3/0/1 vs SK Gaming

Mickey Corki

With a great carry performance, Mickey brought the first Summer Split victory home for Excel Esports.

Before the Rift Rivals break weeks, Excel Esports were seeing an upwards trend in their play. They were almost able to beat Fnatic in a long drawn-out game and their macro seemed to be improving on a steady pace. This week was make or break for the English squad. All they needed was that single break out performance to get on the board. Their game against SK Gaming, while a bit shaky, was that performance that they so desperately needed.

Son "Mickey" Young-min got a ton of slack when he first joined Excel Esports, but in this game he proved his worth as a first-class midlaner in Europe. He was able to put his team on his back with a monstrous Corki performance. Not only was the Korean midlaner able to scale effortlessly into the late game, he was also able to keep his death count at zero for the entire game.

Nemesis’ Azir, Xerxe’s Jarvan IV and Mystiques’ Tahm Kench could have easily made this list as well, but who would you have picked? Let us know in the comments!